In any product packaging, three main elements highlight the whole story of the product and that is color, designing, and message.  All such elements are considered to be known as the basic considerations that are used in the branding or graphic designing. The type of the font of the typography you have been choosing will be letting others know about your brand story.  Choosing the strategic font will be letting you tie your whole wholesale window boxes brand together. 

On the other side, typeface types of cement will be explaining the basic message in favor of your branding for engaging a high market target. The kind of typography you will be selecting will be based on your signage as well as a logo or even the decals. 

Hence in simple terms, the overall psychology of the typography has been so much important just like the major psychology of the color which is part of graphic designing. This is how our brand name will be represented in the market world. 

What is the difference Between Typography and Fonts?

Now let’s talk about the major difference that is taking place between fonts as well as typography. They are both used as interchangeably but both of them are completely different from one another. You should always be choosing the typography which is completely based on your brand and is even letting you explain your brand story as well.  

The font is known as the weight or the style related to any typeface. As an example, Times New Roman is taken to be the font and Sans Serif is the typefaces. There are a few basic rules of thumb which you should be following when it comes to the font selection as mentioned below:

  • Try to choose the font which has been scaling best.
  • Make the selection of best and legible fonts in favor of your brand.
  • Look for the fonts that are quite easy to understand and readable too.
  • Make sure you are not sticking to more than two different complementary sets of fonts as per designing.
  • Don’t look for the fonts which are too trendy looking or the one which is not in fashion.
  • You should also avoid choosing the proprietary fonts which are not at all associated with some other different brands.

Hence typography and font are considered to be the major elements that are included in visual art. This will be adding some sort of spark or as the emotional reaction from the side of your consumer.  You can add your brand with the organic outlook beauty by adding a whimsical appearance and feel.  This is definitely for the reason that it is denoting some feminism and delicacy.  

On the contrary side, the thicker form of the robust font will be highlighting the endurance and features of strength. This is probably the main reason that kids' toy wholesale product packaging boxes are features with the thicker font designing for evoking their feelings. 

In the same way, you should always be looking for the fonts which are matching the prominent image of your custom product boxes company. In favor of the bakery brand, they should not be looking for some gothic style of the font that is set with some cryptic lettering reminiscent of some vampire movies of old time.  

In the same way, some professional office stores should not be choosing fanciful based lettering which is based on cutesiness. As you have finally selected the best color or font for your product packaging boxes, try to look for the one which you can use consistently and is often cohesive through the whole graphic designing or even the branding materials.


All in all, we would say that every single font and its styling have its meaning to make it add for your box packaging ideas. The best way to choose the right font or the typography for your custom made boxes for products is by knowing about what your company theme is.  You should always be choosing the typography which is completely based on your brand and is even letting you explain your brand story as well.