A warm hello to my fellow techies! The present writeup has been planned to answer your queries regarding the issues faced while accessing the Roadrunner email along with the Roadrunner email settings for both Outlook and Windows. So without much do let’s begin our discussion with the issues faced while working on Roadrunner mail along with the appropriate solutions.

The most common issues faced while accessing Roadrunner email along with their effective solutions.

Here we have mentioned the RR login issues with their fixes. Have a quick read!

  • Trouble connecting to the mail server.: This issue majorly results due to poor internet connection or with the settings of the system. In order to resolve the connection issue, ensure that you are receiving a steady and good internet connection and check for your system’s settings.
  • Problem while sending and receiving emails: Another problem commonly faced by a user includes the inability to send or receive emails via Roadrunner mail. As a fix to this issue, try working on a different browser other than the one you had been operating on. For example, if you have been working on Firefox, try operating the mail on Google Chrome which might work for you. If even after switching the browser the issue does not resolve, it is then best to contact the Roadrunner customer service.
  • The incorrect Roadrunner email settings: Ensure that you have put the correct email mail server settings information as provided below.

Imap: Use port 993

POP: Use port 995

For the SMTP settings: Use port 587

For Roadrunner email client settings: Use port1

  • Make sure you are entering the right email address and passwordEntering the wrong password and user id is one of the most common reasons for the user-facing issues while logging into their Roadrunner id. Also as a user make it a point to ensure that while entering the case sensitive password your caps lock is turned off.

Roadrunner email settings for Outlook and Windows.

The second section here talks about the Roadrunner email settings for Outlook and Windows. So let’s begin by talking about RR email settings for Outlook.

Roadrunner email settings for Outlook

  • Begin the process by starting “Outlook” .Thereafter, click on the “File” tab and then click on the Category information “Account Settings”.
  • Now click on the “Email” tab on “New”.
  • Here switch on “Server Settings” and then hit the “Next” button.
  • Now select the Internet email addresses” option . Thereafter hit the “Next” option and enter the following information:

Your name: Enter your full name.

Email address: Enter your complete email address.

  • Here under the Server Information tab, click on the “Type Account” box . Thereafter, select POP3 and enter the following given information:

Incoming email:pop-server.dc.rrcom

Incoming Port:110


Outgoing Port:25

  • Now under the “Login Information” tab, enter the following details:

Email: Your Roadrunner email address.

Password: Your Roadrunner email password

Login with security: None

  • Here as the last step, click on “Test Account Settings” and hit on the “Finish” option.

Roadrunner email settings for Windows.

Here we have got for you a stepwise procedure to guide you through Roadrunner email settings for Windows.

  • Begin the procedure by clicking your email application.
  • Now click on “Add Account” then enter your Roadrunner email id.
  • Here click on the “Next” option. Thereafter, select Personal Pop3 and hit the “Next” button.
  • Here at this step, you are required to type in your Roadrunner email login password and hit the “Next” option.
  • Now you will see an  Incoming Server page on your screen, fill in the following details in it and hit the “Next” button.

Username: Type in your complete email address.

Password: Enter your Roadrunner email password.


Security Type: None

  • As the last step, enter the given details in the Outgoing Server and hit the “Next” button



Security Type: None

Require Sign-in: Check

Password: Your Roadrunner email password

For any further assistance on the Roadrunner mail, it is always recommended to contact the professionals. Here’s how you can contact them!

Know the best way to connect to the professionals:

To get your mail related queries answered you just require to visit the Roadrunner mail official website and look for the customer care services. Click on the chat now option to get support via a chat session with the customer care representative or you can alternatively make a call to them through the Roadrunner tech support phone number available on their website and avail an instant support service over a phone call.

I hope the present writeup will help our readers with the Roadrunner email settings on Windows and Outlook along with the RR login issues with their fixes.

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