Saudi Arabia announced the opening of Umrah

After Saudi Arabia announced the opening of Umrah. Egypt issues a statement on the possibility of performing Umrah by its citizens

An official source at the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said that Egyptians will not be able to perform Umrah from today, despite Saudi Arabia's announcement of the start of the Umrah season.

The source attributed this to the fact that Saudi Arabia has not issued the regulations governing the new Umrah season so far, and whether it will receive pilgrims from abroad, or will be satisfied with Saudi pilgrims and residents in the Kingdom.

The source added to Al-Watan newspaper that the decision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to suspend the entry of Egyptians to its lands is still in effect until now, explaining that the ministry is awaiting the Kingdom’s issuance of the Saudi controls regulating the Umrah season for this year, and to know whether the Egyptians will be allowed to travel to perform Umrah during the current period or not. Pointing out that once the Kingdom agrees to receive Egyptian pilgrims, the ministry will announce the regulations governing the travel of Egyptian pilgrims for Umrah.

For his part, a member of the General Assembly of the Chamber of Tourism Companies, Alaa Al-Ghamry, said that Saudi Arabia will not receive pilgrims tomorrow from outside the Kingdom, but will be satisfied at the beginning of the season with Saudi pilgrims and residents of the Kingdom, who received Corona vaccinations, with a maximum of 20 thousand pilgrims per day, provided that it rises This number is according to the epidemiological situation of the Coronavirus inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

Al-Ghamry added that "the decision to suspend the travel of Egyptian citizens to Saudi Arabia currently represents a major obstacle towards the performance of the Egyptian pilgrims for Umrah in the coming weeks," expressing his hopes that the Kingdom will allow the reception of Egyptian pilgrims and in accordance with the health controls that it deems appropriate for the success of the Umrah season and that none of the pilgrims are infected with the Coronavirus. while performing the rituals.

 "UK tourism companies like Almuslim Travel and other companies are ready to organize Umrah packages if Saudi Arabia agrees to receive UK pilgrims."

And Saudi Arabia had announced the return of the Umrah season, starting from today, Sunday, after the end of the Hajj rituals.

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