You may have always dreamt of the perfect picnic: just you and the people that you hold dear in your life, surrounded by the beauty of nature, beholding a sunrise or sunset so majestic in its beauty that it quietens everywhere, and lulls everyone into a trance-like state. However, reaching there without our car rental (automobiliu nuoma)is the biggest mistake that we can make in our lives. 

What is a Picnic? 

What is a picnic really? It is you, sitting in a serene place, enjoying nature to the fullest. And it is you, running through a meadow, gazing at the flowers and the sky, as the wind plays with your hair. And it is you, enjoying with your loved ones, playing a game of hide and seek or catch me if you can or cards or even chess. 

A picnic is eating your favorite food with your favorite people. Yet a picnic does not have to have a pizza or whatnot. It can simply offer some bread, cheese and grapes and lead to you enjoying to the fullest. It is you laying on a cloth on the grass, see the clouds sway across overhead, while you rove your eyes over the beauty of the place, see where you are and appreciate it to the fullest. 

Traveling Through Our Car Rental in Vilnius (automobiliu nuoma vilniuje) to the Picnic 

However, in order to get to get to a picnic, there are several factors that need to be considered and will define your experience. 

First of all, is the place that you want to go on a picnic for in the same country as you and also quite near your city? If this is so, then our car rental in Vilnius (automobiliu nuoma vilniuje) is just the one for you! Not only will you reach your destination with ease and comfort, but also incredibly safely, as we maintain our cars to the maximum, and ensure that we offer all that we can to make you feel secure. 

If you happen to live a little farther from the place that you want to go on a picnic for, then choosing either our long distance taxisor our car hire Vilnius (automobiliu nuoma Vilnius)is the way to go. This means, you can get a car that is great but with a service, you can also get an experienced driver who can make your journey all the better by letting you enjoy nature on the road and not have to worry about driving. 

Picnic is not just going to a place and sitting. It is enjoying nature and enjoying the time that you spend with your loved ones. Hence, it can also be somewhere out of the country or extremely far in the country. For this, we would suggest that you take a plane, and use our airport taxi and airport transfers to commute between the two. 


You are bound to get nothing but the best of the best from us. So, contact us right away and get the best experience that you have ever had in a matter of seconds! 

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