Marco Asensio, with his Real Madrid, won the weekend FIFA 20 tournament which involved all the clubs of the main Spanish football league except FC Barcelona and Mallorca (sponsored by Konami, the FIFA´s video game brand rival). Without any game played this season, due to a serious knee injury, Asensio seems to take the time away from competition to improve his virtual football and didn´t miss the opportunity to give another title to Real Madrid.

With Spanish football stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has one of its epicenters in Spain, players switched to Playstation and took back the competition in a tournament organized by esports star Ibai Llanos and sponsored by La Liga.

170,000 fans watched the final

It would be necessary more than two Santiago Bernabeu's stadiums to accommodate all the spectators who watched the final of the La Liga´s FIFA 20 tournament that brought Asensio's Real Madrid face to face with Aitor Ruibal's Leganes. 170,000 spectators watched the decisive match which ends with a comfortable 4-1 victory for the Blancos, the best team among the 18 that joined the competition.

Throughout the weekend, the Spanish sports media put the tournament in the spotlight, with the newspapers Marca and As broadcasting the matches, just as it happened with Spanish television, with the well-known commentator Miguel Angel Roman joining Llanos in post-game interviews with players - just like in a real match.

In addition to being a media success, the tournament was also a success as a charity event, since it earned 140,000 euros that will help the fight against Coronavirus in Spain.

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