How Fantasy Gaming in India has transformed into a Business Giant

The potential was always there for the business to flourish. In a country like India, where Cricket is not just loved but celebrated, anything related to the game will bring a lot of attention and fantasy cricket used this opportunity and builds a platform. Now, talking about fantasy gaming, it is fantasy cricket that gave birth to other games in various fantasy cricket apps. All the top fantasy cricket apps in India first focused on building a perfect app for fantasy cricket and then slowly changed their vision towards other games.

It was necessary as there was a time when people were bored with just cricket. Suppose for a person who lost money while playing fantasy cricket wanted to win back the money. What will the person do? That is why various apps introduced multiple games like Carrom, Ludo, Bubble Shooter, Rummy and many other games. Now, they can play all those games whenever they want and are earning loads of money from that. This helped the business to grow and reach new people who were not a part of the fantasy world before.

There are still a lot of people who don't follow cricket and love football or Kabaddi. Fantasy apps provided them with a platform and that worked wonders to bring in newer people in the set-up. Women started taking interest following the introduction of various arcade games. So, with more people joining, the best fantasy sports app in India was earning way more than they were previously. Today, it’s a billion dollar industry and one of the most profitable industries in India. Investors all across the globe invest their money here and interestingly, one of the most successful operators is also trying to broadcast the Indian T20 League on their server.

Fantasy gaming is a massive industry in India right now. It’s high time for one to play fantasy cricket and other games in various apps and earn millions of rupees daily. The more time you waste, the less money you make!

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