You heard that the old waste was someone else's wealth. Why not reset to replace cardboard boards when creating boxes and product packages? Here we write a few ideas for our favorite box, so you can strengthen your relationship with customers, while reducing your environmental impact.

Reactivation and list

Is it a simple idea to refresh the box to encourage reactivation? Write a list of other ways customers can reset the boxes inside the inner cover or outside the cage. You can also write facts about the effects of environmental rehabilitation and let customers know that the boxes have been redesigned. They will respect the products they see when trying to minimize their impact on our environment; So look at the print service boxes that will help you publish your restoration ideas clearly in the box.

Sign here

No, we are not talking about contacting someone for delivery! Why don't you have a template for packages (or you print in a box for customers to end) to encourage customers to organize a large number of corrugated colonies to make fun designs with fun cardboard cards? Whether it's a vacation, a great sports day, or a great team around the corner, customers can print anything they want and combine letters to create a good grade. They are very happy to decorate the sticks and pictures, and your customers can show examples of renewable boxes on social media - but be sure to make a fun hashtag of your signs!

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Make it work

A few of our favorite refresh boxes include templates to make a basketball card goal, boxes to bend in a date jar, or boxes to re-suspend a hanger! They are not only those beautiful and successful concepts, but also a lot of fun! We also love how the renewed box encourages people to interact with your brand and products. They will know that you want them to love all the features of their purchase - which will encourage you to buy again.

Create Happiness

Encourage your customers to collect boxes to sort and organize a good circle to help their children develop their ability to solve problems. It can be touched or joined to the edges and is designed to use a large number of paints. So who needs the ball if you have a bad cardboard?

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