Throughout history, the role of women in psychology has been an unfortunate struggle to be recognized as legitimate scientists. However, he made important contributions to society as well as to psychology.

The early distinction in psychology

Psychology is a relatively young field of study, having moved from the branch of philosophy to the end of the nineteenth century. Although the majority of well-known psychologists, such as Freud, Jung, and Technicolor, are male, female psychologists have also played an important role in this field, despite their lack of acceptance as legitimate scholars and scientists from the beginning. ۔ To test their role in the field of psychology in history, as less than scientists, speaks of a ridiculous lack of recognition by some psychologists for their own science. Her role in the field of psychology has endured gender bias and educational discrimination, as African-Americans struggled to establish their identity in the field, especially in the psychology of gender and developmental children.

Early female pioneers

The most striking example of women maintaining their 'role' in psychology is that women were denied recognition for their work by educational institutions. Two women who had significant influence in the field of psychology were denied their doctoral degrees simply because they were women. Apparently, his role was to benefit. Today, women in psychology are a scientific field under the influence of women, especially in developmental and child psychology.

Mary Kelvins was best known for her studies of psychology. However, it worked to develop a cohesive association technique in psychological testing, which measures the emotional response of a stimulus subject. Usually, this word is used in pairs. A stimulus word is given, and the article or patient presents the first word that comes to mind. For example, if someone said the word 'Trump', some might say 'businessman' while others would say 'president'. Despite being denied a degree from Harvard, Kalkins became the first female president of the American Psychological Association.

Christine Lead 

Franklin eventually received a PhD in psychology from Johns Hopkins. It took him 42 years to complete his coursework and dissertation for the degree. Lud - Franklin was a staunch supporter of women's rights and openly criticized Edward Teacher for his sexual views. He also rejected influential ideas about color vision and developed his own theory, which left a lasting impression on psychologists.

Gender and gender

Most women psychologists, at one point or another, face gender discrimination in academia and psychology. Not surprisingly, several female psychologists have challenged the views of their male counterparts on female psychology. When women became prominent in the field of psychology, they began to redefine their role as competent partners in science.


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