Custom paper boxes are mainly divided into 3 categories, paper printed box, corrugated printed box, and hard paper box, also referred to as cardboard gift box or gift paper box. PrintCosmo refers to various foldable printed paper boxes, SBS cardboard boxes, CCNB paperboard, cardboard, and specialized paperboard. The thickness of the cardboard is no more than 0.8 mm in thickness. 

The crates are foldable for flat recharging. The corrugated printed box refers to various printed cardboard, boxes, conveyors, cut boxes, POP or POS holders, and corrugated cardboard screens. Also, the crates are foldable for flat recharging. The hard paper box refers to various SBS cardboard paper boxes, grey boards, or the inner board. With the exception of the foldable steel box, the steel box is shipped in the combined state and is not collapsible. The hard paper box is also referred to as China cartoon gift box.
With us, you can get custom printed paper boxes with size, color, pattern, cardboard, and customized finishing. With your artwork and sample, we can make your square with the same or even better quality. More importantly, it will reduce packaging costs greatly due to the low cost in China.
Paper materials such as SBS cardboard, fine paper, Kraft paper, art coated paper, corrugated cardboard, and specialty paper are available in various styles. Kraft paper box is of high strength and durability.
These box patterns are very common in everyday life and can meet most of your packaging needs. Most cosmetic paper boxes adopt STE style because of its elegant body.
STE paper box
Straight layer paper box with hot-stamped silver logo. UV spot pattern.
Golden metal paper box
Metal paper box printed paper box
The upper bending paper box is made of PET metal cardboard
Cosmetic paper box
Cosmetic paper box printed paper box
Uncheck the window paper box

The clear window paper box is a great way to showcase your products and catch the attention of potential customers. With us, you can open a dedicated slot on the front of the box, which is covered by PET or PVC film. Film thickness varies from 0.15mm to 0.35mm. If you need an environmentally friendly plastic window, you can choose the PET sheet. PET is 100% recyclable. Besides, you can also get PET sleeves for sliding inside the paper box. Uncheck the window paper box
Hair extension paper box with clear window printed paper box
Paper hair extension box with a transparent plastic window.
Custom food paper box
Custom paper box with clear window printed paper box
Paper box with hangtag
Clear window paper box, printed paper box
Retail paper box with hanging tongue and PVC window for product display

Kraft paper box
The Kraft Paper Box is a great alternative if you need a beautiful but durable paper box. Strong and solid Kraft paperboard. Due to the natural and environmentally friendly brown color, more package designers are choosing Kraft paper boxes for their customers. Like the SBS paper box, CMYK kraft box can also be printed in full color
Kraft paper box for soap
Kraft Paper Finish Pattern Square For Soap, Printed Paper Box
Straight folded paper tray for soap packaging, made of kraft paper.
Food take outbox
Kraft food box, external orders box, printed paper box
Food takes away the Kraft paper box with elegant packaging design.
Custom paper box
We are a leading manufacturer of custom paper boxes in China. Each of our Custom paper boxes has the custom size, color printing, finishing, material, and pattern. From paper materials to box style, you have a lot of options. Metallic cardboard, specialty paper, delicate embossed paper, and embossed paper are available. If you have one favorite box in hand but don't know the details, just send it back to us. We will make you exactly the same.
Meanwhile, you can choose to stamp UV, silver, or gold foil, embossing for a luxurious paper box. It is very suitable for cosmetic paper box
You can also get a custom square style. Besides, we offer a lot of common box styles for you to choose, such as straight fold end box, reverse fold end box, automatic bottom fold top box, top closed snap bottom box, bag style paper box, pillow box, and more.