If you are looking for the solution to convert PST to MSG format then probably you are at the right place. Here we will have all our discussion about the conversion of PST to MSG file with all attachments. This blog will help you with the bulk conversion of your PST files in a single go. What are the needs to convert PST files to MSG and some easy methods for the conversion?

Reasons to migrate Outlook PST to MSG

The database is very important whether it could be personal data or professional data. Due to some uncertain conditions, users want to import their PST files to MSG format. Here are some of the reasons listed below -

  1. There is a risk of corruption in large file size, that’s a reason users want to convert PST files to MSG.

  2. Today, sharing a particular email to another person has become a regular task. Outlook and other email clients provide options of forwarding emails but what if you have to choose more than one file from the received files list?

  3. Suppose you have 500+ items in your mailbox and you have received a call where you have to send some particular emails to the person, then what will you do?

To solve these problems, We will discuss two approaches that will help you with the conversion.

Manual Approach - If you have less than around 5mails then this method is one of the fastest methods.

Third-party software to convert PST to MSG with ease and without having any kind of risk to data loss.

The manual trick for PST to MSG conversion

You can export selected PST files to MSG manually. Users can’t perform bulk conversion here, only a few of the chosen files can be exported to MSG format. 

Follow the steps below mentioned

Step 1: Log in to Outlook application > Select inbox > Choose a mail > drag the mail and drop it to the desktop.

Step 2: Follow the same process again by selecting files to export as in step 1.

Step 3: If you have already made a folder of MSG files, Zip it by using any tool. Otherwise, make a folder of MSG files and zip it.

Step 4: Compose the New mail and then send the folder as an attachment.

This manual method is the quickest method of conversion but it becomes quite complex if you have multiple files to export as you need to, again and again, select a single file and drag and drop each mail to windows explorer. You can use any third-party tool for easy and secure conversion and even bulk conversion.

Alternative method: To convert  PST to MSG

You need PST Converter tool to convert the file from PST to MSG. This tool will help you from scratch. The GUI of this tool is user-friendly & easy to use, You don’t need any high level of technical education to install & run the software. This software keeps the data safe & secure during the conversion process. It keeps the data original. It saves time as well. You can try the free demo version of this tool by clicking on the above link. 


In this article, I have discussed how you can convert PST to MSG file format manually and also by using third party PST to MSG converter tool. We have seen that it becomes more time consuming with the manual approach as you need to one by one file and by using efficient third-party software, you can easily perform a bulk conversion in a single click securely without losing any data.