Khula Decree in Pakistan and Abortion:

To obtain khula decree in Pakistan through divorce lawyers in Pakistan please contact Jamila Law Associates. It is harmful to the child if sexual intercourse is had with the woman who suckles it. The doctors have, however, suggested some medicine to counter the ill effects so that it is no longer harmful before khula decree in Pakistan through divorce lawyers in Pakistan. (Bahisti Zewar) 


Some women are very weak and they get children one after another in short intervals, so they become poor in health and their children are chronically weak because of poor quality milk. Under the circumstances, is it allowed for them to take medicine to prevent pregnancy?  Answer: It is not approved to take measures to prevent pregnancy without a valid excuse. In the aforementioned case, however, the excuse is valid, so it is allowed to take a medicine that prevents pregnancy. (Imdad ul Fatwa v-4) 

Abortion Is not Allowed Without Any Reasons:

ABORTION Abortion without reason is disallowed. And if there is a valid reason then, as long as the foetus is without life abortion is allowed. If there is a Likelihood that the foetus has received then it is forbidden to resort to abortion, it is like killing a pure living soul (and has the sin of murder). Our law firm in Lahore Pakistan will solve your all kind of cases legally. If the abortion is resorted to of a living foetus which came out dead then the penalty is five hundred dirham payable to the father, If it died after being alive on abortion then the full blood wit and expiation for murder is wajib,  However, if it was not living in the womb and there was a correct excuse in Shari'ah like (life of or child then abortion is allowed, otherwise not, In short the severe sin is the abortion of a living then lesser than that of abortion of a non living foetus followed by the use of medicines preventing pregnancy, However. if a valid reason is there the last two are allowed but the first abortion (of a living foetus) is forbidden in all circumstances before khula decree in Pakistan through divorce lawyers in Pakistan.  


Both these deeds are wicked and a sound nature is repulsed by them regardless khula decree in Pakistan through divorce lawyers in Pakistan. (Din was Danya P-272)Homosexuality is a very ancient evil. The people of Sayyidina Lut were the first to indulge in it. The devil led them to it. (Da'wat Abdiyat, P-34)  People before them did not know about it, Sayyidina Lut said to them:(Din was Danya P-268) Sayyidina Lut was commanded to live in Sedum and guide its people who were homosexual. He said to them: Do you commit indecency in which no one in the worlds has preceded you, (7:80) He told them that they went to men lustfully instead of Women, and had exceeded the limits.

Then Allah delivered Sayyidina Lut e} and his household except for his wife. He rained on them stones and they perished, Allah punished them in two ways, turning the earth on them and raining stones. The earth was first raised and thrown back upside down and stones rained on them as they fell. Some others say that those who were there within the city were turned upside down and stones rained on those who were outside.  According to a Hadith:  This includes touching, looking with evil intention and even talking with handsome boys and girls to delight oneself. These things are adultery and homosexuality after khula decree in Pakistan through divorce lawyers in Pakistan. Tip: adultery oi the heart is to think about it. Homosexuality is also like that.(Dazat Abdyet "-9 18');