As the cycle of disruption shortens, ERP software vendors continually add new features and functionality that their customers need to be successful. Project control with ERP is the best example of innovation adapted to the new times in this industry. Its appearance has had to do with the fact that, for some businesses, a traditional ERP might not provide enough utility, while another with an approach based on Project management would.

What is project control with ERP?

To start with a simple definition, project control with ERP Solutions Provider Company Dubai is a relatively new approach that starts with an alternative design of business software optimized to incorporate Project management features and practices.

This type of solution provides companies with a more holistic view of company processes , going beyond what a traditional ERP could provide, making a project-based or service-based organization ideal.

How is project-based ERP different from traditional ERP?

While traditional ERP systems focus almost entirely on manufacturing and accounting, project-based ERP Solutions Provider Company Dubai provides a comprehensive solution to businesses.

Traditional systems are a great option for manufacturing companies with hassle-free processes, offering the tools necessary to manage direct production and overall finances. But for companies with many departments and greater variability, traditional systems do not provide the exhaustive analysis necessary to be highly competitive, but rather have limitations.

In fact, before the possibility of approaching project control with ERP was considered, many companies:

They worked outside the software platform to report on entire projects.

They had to turn to spreadsheets or other systems to keep records of past milestones and schedules, order fulfillment strategies, and perform other types of complex planning.

The result was a higher error rate, increased risk in management and less efficiency in processes . Interdepartmental integration was a difficult challenge to overcome, and the least beneficiary was often the customer.

However, with project control with ERP, companies acquire the necessary capacity to manage all tasks within the same system . In addition, it is easier to collect and analyze data on all processes, allowing users to track metrics that surround such relevant aspects as labor costs, customer retention or inventory turnover, among others.

Today, in order to realize the objective of carrying out project control with ERP, it is not necessary to replace existing software. There are options that allow you to implement specific modules , focused on a specific aspect of operations. 

This allows buyers to configure ERP Solutions Provider Company Dubai according to their needs. This ERP modules approach makes the distinction between traditional and project-based ERP systems a little less meaningful and therefore more accessible to businesses.