Information and technology are important assets in today’s era and they have changed the way the world used to work. The entertainment world has undergone a major makeover after the introduction of online streaming platforms. Everything can be found under one roof from movies, shows to documentaries, and so on. You can have access to this content whenever you feel like it. The main motto of streaming services is “Pause>Play>Repeat! ”. Not every streaming platform offers its services for free, the viewers dig the web for finding a platform like this that provides free access to its content. Project Free TV is a streaming platform that gives an amazing collection of movies and TV shows with superb streaming quality. 

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American TV shows are a major attraction and this is the reason why this site is gaining more and more hype for offering a variety of content without any cost. It is a famous online video streaming website that is available for downloading and watching offline. It does not take any liability for copyright infringement for third-party streaming websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. It already has petitions filed against the copyright holders and many counties have blocked PFTV for its members and the UK is one such country as PFTV is not allowed there since 2013. 

The functioning of the Project Free TV

Its functioning is very easy and simple. You just have to go to the official website, search for a movie or a show you want to watch and you will be redirected to the host website where the original video is kept. PFTV offers a variety of content and every age group will find something unique and interesting to watch. The content is well organized so that you consume less time

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