The Role of Cricket in the Indian Fantasy Sports Industry

India has a very rich culture in the field of sports. Post independence, India was recognized for its prowess within the game of Hockey. India has achieved quite a lot in that sport and is still making amends to this day. Cricket was a colonial game played by the Britishers in India. After independence, the game of cricket became popular among the Indians particularly after  the 1983 World Cup. The Indian Cricket head started its upward graph and proved its significance among the other cricket-playing countries in the world. In the past few decades, India has been a force to reckon with.  Along with that, the sports industry is developing rapidly. The success of cricket inspired new formats of the game like the Indian T20 League.

The Indian T20 League is one of the most decorated cricket leagues in global cricket. This league is known for promoting local talents. Cricket is more than just a game, Indians worship cricketers as deities and believe cricket is a religion. Indian T20 League is a great platform for the rapidly evolving fantasy sports industry in India. People tend to play fantasy cricket games for maximised entertainment and to win huge cash prizes.

It is necessary to choose the correct platform to begin your journey in the world of fantasy sports. Indian fantasy players usually depend on the apps that keep their privacy safe and their transactions secure. One such app is Real11 fantasy sports. It is available on any search engine, you just have to search for Real11 and download the Real11 apk from the website. This platform is safe in all ways and also provides a seamless experience to the users. Its easy-to-use interface, better guidance, and lucrative prizes attract more fantasy players to use the app. Fantasy Cricket generates most of the revenue in the fantasy sports industry. This is only possible because cricket fanatics all over India are utilising fantasy cricket apps to exhibit their knowledge of cricket and earn huge cash rewards in return. 

Fantasy cricket players don’t just play for one game, they get engaged in a tournament for a season. A season-long playing streak, going through the ups and downs makes them a pro in the game of cricket. Users also tend to play fantasy cricket league which offers them huge rewards upon winning.

Once someone starts his journey on a fantasy cricket platform, there are always new pathways for him. And upon choosing the possible options with your outsmart knowledge, analysis, tactics, etc. you reign the leaderboards. Cricket in India is in its peak time and has a hold over the entire sports industry as most of the revenue generated in the sports sector is through cricket. Now, this growing sector has added fantasy cricket as a new ally in the last few years. Both hands in hand are providing a huge economic boost and gaining huge popularity in the field of sports.

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