Glaucoma is a severe eye condition that entirely or partially damages the optic nerve. Optic plays a vital role in having a good vision. Glaucoma is generally caused due to abnormally excess pressure in one’s eyes. Unfortunately, it is one of the significant reasons for blindness in patients over 60 years of age. You can now find advanced glaucoma treatment in India. The sad part is, there are no warning signs of Glaucoma. 

The symptoms are so gradual that till the time one notices a change in vision, the disease has already reached the advanced stage. In spite of various researches and advancements, Glaucoma is still an incurable disease. All you can do is, go for regular eye check-ups after the age of 40 years from the best eye hospital in India.

How can you lead a healthy Life with Glaucoma?

Please note that if Glaucoma is left untreated, the patient can permanently lose his vision. Only a good lifestyle, along with treatment from the best eye hospital in India, is the key to a healthy life ahead. 

●Healthy Food – Make sure you include a lot of dark green vegetables in your daily diet. These vegetables are filled with nutrients and antioxidants that can help in maintaining healthy eyesight. You can also include fish in your diet as it is loaded with Omega3 fatty acids. They improve the flow of blood to the eyes. Make sure you avoid having an inactive and sedentary lifestyle. Inactiveness will reduce the blood circulation in your body and eyes. Regular exercises and physical activities will also maintain a healthy fluid volume that will prevent glaucoma progression. 

●Head Elevation – Doctors recommend the usage of a wedge pillow for glaucoma patients while sleeping. Elevation will reduce the excess pressure built up inside the eyes. Make sure you don’t practice any inverted exercise or yoga positions. All these positions tend to insert a strain on the neck and eyes. If you wear a necktie to office, ensure it is not too tight to create pressure.

●Caffeine Intake – Do you know that a single cup of coffee can shoot your intraocular pressure for straight 90 minutes? It can have lethal effects on your glaucoma level. Make sure you regulate the quantity of tea, coffee, or soda intake in a day. Taking smaller sips can avoid excess strain to your eyes. 

What are the symptoms of Glaucoma?

To initiate immediate and early treatment of Glaucoma, one should know its symptoms. According to the recent report from the best eye hospital in India, some common signs and symptoms of Glaucoma are:

●Tunnel vision

●Patchy and blind spots in your central or side vision, either in one or both the eyes.

●Constant pain in eyes

●Blurred vision

●Redness and watery eyes

●Halos or radiance around lights

●Vomiting and nausea

●Severe headaches

Glaucoma is undoubtedly a very severe condition, but you can still lead a healthy life with some simple precautions. If you are into smoking, make sure you quit it as soon as possible. If you are looking for glaucoma treatment in Indiaconsult an experienced doctor only. Regular eye check-ups and a healthy lifestyle is the secret of living with Glaucoma.