Love is an emotional bond between the two. They share things with them without any desire. They trust each other with no intention to hurt. 

It's a miracle of giving someone else happiness and getting the happiness back by just detecting them happy.

It's an amazing experience yet if you didn't get it back as you shared it. Don't be upset your calculations are counted.

Love is not as liking someone or it's not just a desire to get it like a commodity but love is a mixture of passions, feelings, opinions, understanding, freedom and lots more by experiences. 

It may happen that you may see your love is fading away like colours from your life but don't expect it as a bad spectacle. Yes! It may be difficult to come out of it but there will be someone perfect for you somewhere in the world. Just wait for the right path and time to come to you and don't let it away from you. Grab it with love, handle them with care and make them feel special.