These days lasik surgery is becoming very popular and widely preferred. It is the modern way of correcting vision problems that results in improved eye power. This form of treatment is known to correct problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Patients with glasses and contacts do not require wearing prescribed glasses or contacts after lasik treatment.

But depending upon the conditions that vary from person to person, lasik treatment can be of various types.


Lasik Procedure Types

  • Wavefront optimised lasik is a process that involves the use of certain measurements of the cornea curvature. This way the normal shape of the cornea can be restored. The chance of spherical aberrations is very less in this process compared to the other methods.

  • Wavefront guided lasik is another method in which the measurement of how the light travels through is done to treat the patient’s eye condition. This method is exclusively personalised and is only done after determining the eye condition and other relevant vision requirements.

  • Topography guided lasik is a process that involves unique and the most advanced form of treatment procedure. Not every eye hospital has the right equipment and trained doctors to carry out this treatment.

  • The laser lasik is a process where the femtosecond laser is used to create a flap in the cornea.this tool helps to do the process easily and the patient does not need to go through a bladed surgical process.

In case you want to consult an eye specialist for lasik surgery in Delhi or any other states in India, make sure you find the reputed and recognised hospital for advanced eye treatments. 

Why Choose Lasik Surgery?

  • The result is permanent in this type of treatment. This means you can save a lot of money in the long run. Patients do not need to undergo frequent eye checkups or treatments. Also, there is no need to carry glasses or wear contacts like before. Countless people can get benefits after doing the lasik treatment. It does not just help their vision improve; it also makes their life easier throughout the day. 

  • Lasik treatment is more convenient and a patient can do all the activities with ease without worrying about glasses or contacts. From doing jobs to taking part in hobbies and leisure activities, there are no limitations. Lasik gives the patient the freedom to do almost all the types of tasks in daily lives without any difficulty.

  • Activities such as adventure sports, frequent travelling, swimming and others get easy with lasik surgery. Post-surgery there will be a small span of time for rest. Then you are free to plunge in reading, writing, hiking and so on.

Lasik treatment is very beneficial for many. One has to consult with an experienced lasik eye surgeon to discuss the eye problem. The doctor will be able to check your conditions and if required will recommend you lasik surgery. One has to understand that this procedure is not for everyone. It is only after proper diagnosis that the patient can undergo this treatment.