Albury is the city located on the southern border of New south wales. The place is rich in terms of natural resources as it is fed by the Murray River. The place has got its name from a village in England. This place serves as a major transport between New South Wales and Victoria. Albury Wodonga offers many tourist opportunities for discovery and fun, all in a very small location, which can also be reached by foot. Today the city offers you crazy natural scenery, ample greenery, numerous chances for outdoor fun as well as entertainment at the local museum and the art museum. In this article, we take a look at the list of best things to do in Albury. This could just be one of your best Australian adventures. 

The Albury Botanic Gardens

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The Albury Botanic Gardens established about a hundred years ago, still has its vibrant charm to it. This is one of the major reason for people to travel to this city. These gardens offer tremendous pleasure for everyone because of its wide variety of rainforest trees such as Queensland Kauri (45 meters high) and magnificent Gingko. Over 1,000 species of 450 genera and 95 plant families are included in Albury Botanical Gardens. There is a completely fenced children's room with a lifetime dinosaur and various immersive environment when you are travelling with your family. It is also one of the city's most popular tourist destinations for the event of weddings as the gardens are the ideal setting for this particular day.

Murray Art Museum

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The Murray Art Museum in Albury is among the pick of the places by travellers around the world for a good reason. The museum that we see nowadays was once a town hall. This was built during the 1900s was repurposed and reopened in 2015 as an Art gallery. This gallery features a collection of over 2000 items. This was solely dedicated to express the identity of the native people and their tradition. Photographs and documents and limited collections of sculptures, ceramics, bronze, decorative arts, sculptural pieces and native specimens are well described.ou can also take part in the 24-hour workshop to understand the cultural experiences. The list of things to do in Albury won’t be complete without this wonderful exhibition of history and culture. 

Monument hill

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Located on the west end of Albury is the Monument hill. The monument was dedicated to the men and women soldiers who took part in the First World War. Established in 1924 and designed by the famous civil engineer Louis Harrison. The total cost of the structure was estimated to be 3000 pounds. The Memory Bowl is a short stroll down the road, a structure dedicated to World War II (1939-45) remembrance. Monument Hill is a great spot to rest for a moment. After its completion of hundred years, in 2015 a Cross was added to the west of the monument. There are hiking trails up the wooded hillside, which will treat you with few of the best views of Albury. 

Wonga Wetlands

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For all the nature lovers out there, the Wonga Wetlands is completely filled with water bodies like lakes and has a wonderful ecosystem to it. This is located next to the Murray River and takes about just 5 minutes from the city centre. This has played a vital role in bringing the tourism of this place to a larger audience. Birdwatching is one of the famous things to do. In fact, the place has a perfect setting in the forest for visitors to witness the nature up and close at its peak. The place is a home for around 155 species of bird. The place can also host a wedding with up to 150 guests at a time. This place is a perfect example to express the place’s natural beauty along with vast ecosystems. This shouldn’t be skipped while you are on a vacation to Australia.

Noreuil Park

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This is one of the most visited riverside parks in the whole of Albury. Much like the previous one on the list, this is also located at very close proximity to the city centre, a mere 5 mins drive. This place has enough things to keep you engaged for a whole day even if you are travelling with your family. The park has facilities for swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding. A private play area for kids, a barbecue and adequate parking spaces are also present in the park. Apart from that, people can Jog, cycle or even choose one of the grassy spots available in abundance in the place. The park is most visited during the summer months, yet can also be visited round the year if you are completely fine with the absence of water sports activities. Other than that, the place is a pure fun fulled destination for any kind of traveller. 

This article would have given you a glimpse of things to do in Albury. Obviously, there are so many other things that one can enjoy in this beautiful place. Check out the best Australia Tour Packages from Chennai offered by Pickyourtrail