Still figuring how to split large PST File? Are you fed with your system working slowly? If the answer is a yes, then continue reading the blog as we discussed the steps to easily split PST files and mentioned a quick way to split multiple PST Files. Make sure whatever, the method you select is professional and safe. This blog discusses a quick and safer option on why an Outlook PST splitter software is just the right choice to split PST Files.

Reasons Why You Need to Split Large Size PST Files

  • A large-sized PST file slows the performance of Microsoft Outlook. It is a better idea to split the large-sized files.

  • Large-sized PST file causes data corruption and can also damage the files.

  • The users delete their emails accidentally while reducing the size of the PST file. Instead of deleting the PST files, ensure that you opt for a reliable method.

Learn More About PST Splitting

PST Splitting is a way of splitting large-sized PST files into various files without damaging the data. When the PST file reaches the maximum limit, then it causes several issues such as data corruption, Outlook performs slowly, and data loss. The user can avoid it by safely splitting the PST file and this way, they will not face any issue.

What Are The Ways to Split A PST File?

The user can split the PST files by following two ways, that is:

  1. The Manual Way
  2. Use A Professional Automatic Tool

The manual method is not an ideal choice, however, the user should use the professional software. The manual method can cause data loss so it is highly suggested that you opt for a reliable method. We suggest you use KDETool PST Splitter as it ensures safe splitting without changing any data. The tools successfully split oversized PST files into a smaller file. The PST Splitter has many useful features to split PST file into multiple files.

Significant Features Of The KDETools PST Splitter

  • The PST Splitter can successfully split the oversized file without losing data.

  • The user can select the files from the entire data and export it to the tool to split the files.

  • The user can split 30 PST files by using the demo version before purchasing it.

  • The PST Splitter has many useful features, that allow the user to split multiple PST files into one.

  • The advanced tool is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows and Outlook.

  • The user can preview the entire data before the splitting process starts.

This blog entails the detail on the reasons why a user needs to split PST files, how the splitting process functions, and why the manual method is not the right option to split oversized PST files. We definitely suggest you opt for a professional PST Splitter tool rather than using the manual method.

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