There are seemingly endless materials, styles, and colors to choose from, ranging from quiet and unassuming to packed with natural character and unpredictable patterns. The most familiar kitchen countertops are constructed using the Marble, Granite and Quartz. Other materials also available in the market like Ceramic Tiles, Stainless Steel, Concrete, Laminate and Wood.

Popular Countertop Materials that are being used in today’s kitchens are as below:

1.) Granite,

2.) Marble,

3.) Manufactured Quartz,

4.) Soapstone,

5.) Copper,

6.) Zinc,

7.) Tile,

8.) Laminate,

9.) Concrete,

10.) Stainless Steel and,

11.) Wood.

If you have limited budget, and looking for material that required low maintenance and have long life, then granite countertop is good choice as these are hard, heatproof, less expensive than other type of stones.

White marble worktop provide an elegant look for your kitchen, but these are expensive compared to granite. Marble worktops required low maintenance, and daily cleaning will make it shine.

Quartz is manufactured stone, known for their beautiful look. Custom Cabinetry GTA Countertops quite much expensive than others, these are hard in nature, so good for scratches and heat resistance but not much as granite. Laminate marble is the cheapest option for the kitchen, if you have low budget.