The success of on-demand applications has led to the introduction of Gojek App, it is a multi-service application based in Indonesia. After immense success and profit, businesses started investing in Gojek clone app development. This application is identical to the original app. It allows businesses to offer ride-hailing and delivery services. Gojek Clone Script is also available that can be customized as per the requirements and services offered by the businesses. You can majorly offer 3 services; Ride-Hailing, Delivery, Other Services like Doctors, Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, etc. 

Benefits of Multi-Service Application

Cost-Effective: It is best suitable for Young entrepreneurs and budding businesses. The benefits of multi-service applications are numerous. Developing one service application like taxi, food delivery, courier services is very costly. Building a Gojek Like App is very cost-effective as businesses can offer 52+ services at one time. In simple terms, it is cheaper than developing a single application.

Time-efficient: Developing an application from scratch is time-consuming and costly. With an already developed app script, you can quickly launch your business and focus on effective business.

Easy Functioning of Daily operations: This application comes with a feature-loaded admin panel. The Admin panel has detailed data of daily operations. Day to day tasks can be easily managed by this god panel of multi-service applications.


Everyone is living hectic lives, so offering them one application that can serve their all needs, is what they wanted. Offering such services within one application can make your business successful. For such specialized app development, you need to trust app development company or expert app developers.