Lag will let you down after trekking! And isn’t it quite natural? It is indeed! So, what do we need then? We need to recover and refresh after an adventurous and exhilarating trekking.

Pain is gain. And trekking is one kind of gain in disguise of pain and one of the most popular activities to enjoy up on hills and mountains. But the after effect might make you think once more to have a little leisure exactly after trekking and compel you to allow yourself more time to take a little rest.

However, a friend in need is a friend indeed! And Spa after trekking is sucha friend in need. Receiving Spa after trekking will lead you to a heavenly experience undoubtedly. The delicate soothing touches will make you feel that comfort actually matters! 

While trekking, strain restrains trekkers. Strain assimilates and increases toxicity unto the trekkers body. Strains possesses latent risks of paralyzing the body even and a long lasting effect. And Spa and massage relieves all such pain to some extent. Receive spa and massages and avoid all the complexity that might harm you after trekking for a bit longer than usual. 

Spa sessions lasts according to the stakeholder’s  interest. Normally it lasts no longer than a day. But if you want , whole day massage spa program can be extended according to your interest (will to pay more to get extended service). Yoga and Ayurveda service providing agencies like Nepal Ayurveda home and many more has been providing whole day massage and spa services in Nepal. 

Ayurvedic spa, in short, Ayurveda, is a practice of  primeval period. Several popular spa treatments are there incorporating scalp massage, pedicure and foot massage, hot stone massage etc. Approximately, inevery country there exists at least an Ayurvedic medical and Botanical school. It’s getting a huge reach nowadays and overtime receiving acceptance widely and gaining the popularity it deserved.

To add, various institutions and agencies provide spa and massage facilities using Ayurvedic components and the reason beneath the widespread popularity overtime are people in recent times almost forgot about Ayurveda. Contrastingly, Ayurveda is nothing new and has been practiced since the beginning of the earth. And a crystal clear popular opinion which is factually true as well is “Nature wins always, so the Ayurveda.”

Abhangya (a restorative therapy with oils), Avagaha, Bhasgpasweda, choornashwedana, Dhanyamala dhara, Gandava therapy, ashwagandha, Garshana, Herbal valus, kata vsti, mukha vanga, mUkha lepa, Nasya, Netra dhara, rice pindya and many more are parts of Ayurvedic retreat treatments.