If you do yoga or not, it is necessary to know the compound diet in both the cases. The Hindu scripture Veda states that food is Brahma ie; God. If the grain is taken in a good mood, energetic, clean and peaceful place, it is like nectar.

Yoga is definitely beneficial for your health, but your diet along with exercise and yoga matters equally. If you do exercise or yoga every day, then it is important to know what should be in our food. It is very important to take diet before doing yoga practice and diet after doing yoga.

Do you know what we should ate before and after yoga and exercise? If not, then we are telling here about some such things which can be beneficial to eat before or after doing yoga. Doing yoga Asana without your yogic diet will also be of no use.

In such a situation, if you want to get the full benefits of your yoga session, then for that you also need to give adequate nutrition to your body, know here what to eat before and after yoga, so that you can exercise You can get the benefit of it and there is no harmful effect on the body.

Doing yoga gives strength, flexibility and strength to your entire body, but your muscles do not develop until you consume sufficient amount of protein and other elements and you may feel weak while practicing yoga. Do regular yoga, but also pay attention to your food and drink together. If you are practicing yoga, then it is also important to know what you should eat.

Food has the power to produce many diseases and it can also eradicate all kinds of diseases and grief. In Yoga, it is said that some types of food are told, what to eat and what not. There are basically three types of it - dieting, dietary and dietary.

Dieting: Dieting means limited diet. It is dietary if the food is able to take less than it has the capacity to take food, as well as the ingredients used in the food are limited.

Under dieting, the food should be well chilled with ghee etc. Spices etc. should be used so that the natural sweetness of the food remains.

Show gratitude to God while eating. With this type of dieting, there is elation in yoga practice. The seeker soon finds success in his practice.

Non-nutritious food: If you are practicing yoga, do not consume the following types of food. If they do, then it hinders practice.

These foods are: bitter, sour, tart, namkeen, hot, sour bhaji, oil, sesame, mustard, curd, buttermilk, kulathi, plum, khalli, garlic and meat of fish, goat, etc. All these things are inactive.

Apart from this, the food made should not be eaten by reheating as well. One should not eat too much salt, sourness etc.

Dietary food: In order to achieve quick success in yoga practice by yoga practitioners, it has been said that food should be nutritious, be sweet, balsamic, should be made from cow's milk, digestible and feel good to the mind. These types of foods are helpful in furthering the practice of yoga. The yogis have described the following types of food:

These are food - beautiful grains like wheat, rice, barley. Milk, Ghee, Khand, Butter, Misri, Fruit and milk like honey. Five types of herbs like Jeevanti, Bathua, Chaulai, Meghnad and Punarnava. Moong, Greengram , etc.

If you do exercise or yoga every day, then it is important to know what should be in our food. It is very important to take yoga diet tips before and after doing yoga.

Do you know what we should eat before and after exercise or yoga?

1. Drink water.

To do yoga it is also important for your body to stay hydrated. After doing yoga, it is very important to consume water. By providing hydration to the body, the toxins present in the body are removed. During yoga, your body exhales sweat and at the same time your body uses the electrolytes present in water to boost metabolism. Due to this, the lack of water required for exercising or doing yoga in your body can also is fulfilled. If you drink coconut water, it will be even more beneficial.

2. Soaked Almonds.

There are many amazing benefits of eating soaked fennel. If you include it in the daily diet, then you can benefit greatly. You can supply the necessary energy for doing yoga with the consumption of almonds. Soak the almonds soaked the night before yoga. Eating almonds not only brightens the mind but it is beneficial in many things. Whether it is about reducing weight or eating almonds to keep the body healthy, you get energy in the body.

3. Eat a banana.

Fiber is found in plenty in bananas. It also contains a good amount of potassium which can help in improving your workout. The magnesium in the banana can help protect you from muscle cramps. If you want to lose weight and get a healthy body, then the amount of fiber found in bananas can be very helpful for this. Therefore, before and after exercising or doing yoga, definitely eat bananas.

4: Have light snacks.

You can have a light snack for breakfast 60-90 minutes before the yoga session. Keep in mind that these snacks are healthy and have healthy calories, so that you can get enough energy.

Don't eat anything before

Do not eat anything before about two hours of yoga. Doing this can cause stomach ache, nausea, flatulence and other problems? This may embarrass you in front of everyone in class. So keep that in mind.

5: Juice drink is beneficial.

The vitamins and minerals present in fruit juice are very beneficial for the body. Apart from this, the disease resistance also becomes strong by drinking juice. After yoga class, taking orange or mixed fruit juice reduces the problem of kidney stones.

6: Vegetable salad.

Digestive power is strengthened by eating salad. Apart from this, high fiber foods also work to reduce obesity. After doing yoga, definitely eat salad. One teaspoon of olive oil can also be mixed in the salad.

7: Green Tea.

Green tea is very good for health. Consuming a low green tea keeps blood circulation correct, the antioxidants in it work to relieve many diseases.

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