A couple who wishes to marry or to marry civilly can choose the person of their choice as celebrant. This person can be a family Marriage Celebrant member, relative or friend.It is to the Director of civil status that the future spouses or spouses must apply so that the person they have chosen can act as a celebrant for their marriage or civil union.The designation obtained is valid only for this marriage or civil union, which must take place on a specific date.

Eligibility requirements:
Have  citizenship or reside in Australia. Be 18 years of age or older and be able to fully exercise all of their civil rights; Marriage Celebrant Speak  English; Have respected all the substantive and formal conditions relating to marriage or civil union during previous celebrations.

A civil marriage:
With regard to a civil marriage, people are increasingly avoiding getting married at the courthouse because the majority find the atmosphere cold, very formal and the ceremony too short and less personalized.Ministers of religion have literally increased in popularity among couples who desire a civil marriage of a spiritual nature. The beauty of this service Marriage Celebrant is that you can get married where you want in Australia whether at the place of your first meeting, at your parents' house, in kind, in a park, on the water's edge, etc.

In addition, the notary also celebrates marriages and civil unions and as a legal advisory and specialist in matrimonial regimes, he is able to explain the legal aspects and consequences of marriage, matrimonial Marriage Celebrant regimes, etc. This is a very interesting point to know since the other celebrants, clerks etc. cannot help you in this area as they are not legal counsel.