The practice of traditional sharing turns out to be popular with Airbnb in this digital platform. With Airbnb, you can connect people and follow the concept of peer-peer sharing of space easily with them. With the evolution of technology, they satisfy the needs of the people by renting space for travelers, workspace, events, restaurant reservations. Added to it, the concept of sharing a passion in terms of experience is also possible through Airbnb. This peer-peer lending produces financial purpose and builds a community under diversity.

Such stories of Airbnb and the success of it inspire a lot around. People with a business dream follows the footsteps of Airbnb, let’s view a few seeds from a bunch

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Spinlister – Airbnb For Bikes

There are over 100 million bikes in the US and over a billion on the planet. But most bikes are not used daily, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to meet demand. Normal bike rental from a store costs about $16 a day. Spinlister is a premier bike rental and sharing service that provides a platform to connect bike owners with active people looking to rent or borrow around the world.

Through our service, owners list their bikes, renters search for a bike in whatever area they want and complete the rental process easily through our website, mobile app. On Spinlister you can rent a bike from $5 a day up to about $100 for a really nice bike. They are now in 275 cities in 40 countries with over 2,000 bikes listed. We even offer various protection options and delivery services to make everyone happy. In addition to the website, iOS and Android apps were released.

HURR Collective – Airbnb For Fashion

The UK’s first peer-to-peer wardrobe rental platform. The invite-only community allows members to share their clothes and accessories, securely and in seconds. They have established a way to partner with people and technology to provide smooth rental purposes. They satisfy on-demand deals with high-end technology like real-time Id verification, geo-tagging, AI-powered fashion rental in a secure way.

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