Bhai bhij or Bhai dooj is an important and sacred festival between a brother & sister which is strictly and judiciously observed in North India & Gujarat every year on the second day of Kartika month of Hindu calendar.

On this day brothers are virtually pampered by sisters wherein sisters feed their respective brothers lavishly with good food (delicacies) and pray for their long life. Well, brothers are on a high or on cloud 9 on this day of Bhai dooj.

This festival comes roughly two weeks after "Karva Chauth" wherein North Indian women/wifes observe fast and pray for the long life of their respective husbands.

Well, men in India, specially North Indian men never had it so good. It is a double bonus & double lottery for them. In spite of this, it is a "kadva sachh" (bitter truth) that more & more atrocities are being committed against women (especially in North India) for which Indian men must all feel ashamed and embarrassed.

This only shows that our society is biased, perverted and male dominated. In spite of this we still keep basking in past glory of rich culture & traditions !

My Honest Submission :
I feel somewhat sad, bitter & unfortunate for not having been blessed with a sister. It is an undisputed fact that a sister is like a second mother in the long run. Just like no mother can be wicked to her son, in the same way no sister can be wicked to her brother.

Every sister is a "Mother Teresa" to her brother !