AOL mail app is just like a Facebook where you can stay connected to your friends, family and peers via email. it is claimed to be as fast as any messenger app by its quick server which makes it a more popular and come-at-able app among people. Yet some iPhone users have complained about AOL email issues that they are finding it difficult to access their AOL email via iPhone. 

AOL email not working on iPhone is a common problem faced by many other iPhone users, so if you are one of them, no need to worry you aren’t alone and we have got your back with this life-saving guide where we will be providing you with the easiest and accessible methods to fix your aol not working in iPhone.

Steps to fix aol working on iPhone

There can be 2 possible ways why aol is not working on your iPhone

Reason 1 

If the problem is occurred by aol or the main server, then there’s nothing in your hand to fix it, it all depends on the organization and the problem is occurred from their side due to any technical issues or anything. In this situation, all you can do is wait with patience for them to fix it or can connect with the helpline number of aol team to discuss issues and duration details you have to wait for.

Reason 2

Aol not working on your  iPhone can also be due to your device which you can try to fix with the given below method

  1. Try disabling your data or putting it on airplane mode for a while and then reconnecting it
  2. close the aol app and restart it
  3. must opt for the update to your app
  4. clear caches and cookies
  5. uninstall if using app version and then reinstall
  6. on and off of your device.