Online marriage in Pakistan with converted Muslim:

Nazia advocate the best family lawyer in Lahore can perform your online marriage in Pakistan even if you are a converted Muslim. Q: I am a new Muslim My mother is Christian, I did online marriage in Pakistan and I am converted Muslim and I need to know her role in my life. My wife is also a Christian. I would appreciate it if you could guide me through this situation.  A: Though belated, please accept our heartfelt congratulation to embrace Islam and showing keen interest to learn about it earnestly. Please stick to your faith and its demands, at any cost. But be very kind and helpful to your mother in all worldly matters. And never compel her or your wife to change their faith even if you have done online marriage in Pakistan through lawyer in Lahore. Do try to win them over through reason, argument, love, and affection. There is no harm if your mother and stay Christian. However, be very careful about your children (if and when) that they are brought up as Muslims. Try to do it in a way that does not create clash and trouble in the family.  

Question with Answer of Online Marriage in Pakistan:

Q: I am aware that mother-in-law after online marriage in Pakistan is regarded as one's mother. In the aspect of meeting her needs financially, to say, who should be held accountable, the son-in-law or other male members of the family? (e.g. the brothers, uncle, etc)?  A: Legally speaking a lady can claim financial support from her father, brother, husband, and son- In the absence of any such relative, and being needy, other relatives, or finally the society and state, are bound to help her.  A son-in-law, being the husband of the lady's daughter, should be at the forefront of the second-line relief res to offer support. That pleases his wife, making his family life more congenial, peaceful, and loving. Thus, to help mother-in-law is not without rich rewards here and, of course, in the Hereafter.  

Q: I am an American Muslim and my husband is from Sudan and we did online marriage in Pakistan through lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. I am trying to be a good wife to him. But he's used to the women of his country. I try to approach other Muslim women for but they do not accept me as a Muslim because I am an American. I need to advise "hat to do.  A: You have been so brief and telegraphic in your message, that we find it hard to understand the true nature of your problem However, we gather that:  Your husband does not feel the importance of getting adapted (unless something is unlawful) to the new environment, which he must, to establish a working, good and loving relationship with you.  Other sisters in the community do not come forward to help, if the reason is only that you as Americans are not being accepted as Muslims it is really unfortunate and scornful. We can't believe, because, as a tradition, a convert Muslim or a stranger is received with great attention in any Muslim community and online marriage in Pakistan is acceptable if done properly through lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. That what makes this all Muslims an (Imam and it is scornful because those ladies are so careless about a fundamental aspect of Islamic fraternity and their primary obligation. Please continue trying to the over your husband, see if you can also accommodate some of his demands (if legitimate and reasonable, of course) and forgiving the sisters for their past behavior, look for ways to patch up and create links that will bring them closer. This test of patience on two fronts — Horne and outside will sure bring great rewards for you, both here and in the Hereafter. Our Law Firm in Lahore is Provide the best result to our clients of your legal cases in Pakistan.