After taking the photos, a final consultation is performed with a plastic surgeon who will perform the operation, the previous conversation will be reviewed and a hair transplant will be planned.

Plan before hair transplantation

During the planning process, doctors make a final review of the number of hair follicles removed, the number of hair follicles in the follicles, and the thickness of the columns. The location, density and direction of the hair shaft are determined by the patient's wishes. At this level, the compatibility of expert advice and personal expectations is important. Determining realistically what we can achieve and how reasonable the patient's expectations are is key to a successful hair transplant.

Hairline layout

Successful hair transplantation requires a natural, noticeable result for the person undergoing surgery. To get the natural result of a hair transplant, the hairline must be drawn very carefully.

When planning a hairline, of course, you need to listen to the patient's wishes and suggestions, but the planning should be done according to the person's current condition, regardless of the patient's previous condition and facial contours, regardless of the patient's previous condition. One should know the hair line is determined by maintaining symmetry with the help of a specially designed laser pointer.

The hairline is the line where the scalp meets the forehead. The hairline should correspond to other aesthetic elements of the face, be designed at an appropriate level and should not be designed as a sharp straight line. A natural hairline is formed as a symmetrical segmented line with a triangular wavy shape. The follicles that will be used to create the hairline should be the ones that even have a thin hair axis. While the hairline created by the hair follicles, which quickly aligns with the plums with thick hair, is visible to everyone after the procedure, the planned wavy hairline is formed with minor disturbances with follicles containing a single hair. The shaft does not happen, it can also be seen with the direct knowledge of the person after the operation.

Taking the first step right: is it possible to fix a wrongly created hairline?

A large proportion of patients who consult us about hair transplants are patients who are dissatisfied with the results of hair transplants in other clinics. A pinch of hair for a hair transplant performed by an unqualified person may not have given a bad result. Correcting the wrong hairline is the most difficult aspect before such corrective action. In such patients, corrective surgery can be performed by cutting very thick hair follicles and inserting grafts with a hair shaft.

No one wants to specify that they have had a hair transplant. To achieve natural results, the haircut should be planned by a specialist plastic surgeon who has extensive knowledge of facial aesthetics and facial proportions, who has done enough hair transplants to understand the patient's wishes. .


After all planning and decision on the procedure, the patient is prepared for surgery. Those who have a hair transplant will get a first class haircut. It is not necessary to cut your hair before this stage.

If a small amount of hair is transplanted, FUE hair transplantation can be done by cutting the hair without completely cutting thin slices of hair. In this way, the person undergoing the hair transplant can quickly continue their social life without showing any change in their appearance.

Local anesthesia

After shaving, a specially formulated anesthetic mixture is given to transplant painless hair that does not harm the patient or cause bleeding.

Is a hair transplant a painful process?

For FUE hair transplants, the most important concern for patients is to answer the question, "Will I have any pain during a hair transplant?" Hair transplantation is one of the interventions that provides the patient with a high degree of comfort. During the local anesthetic injection, a slight level of pain is felt at the beginning of the procedure, and after this phase the rest of the hair transplant operation is completely painless.