Do you know what chances you have of winning the lottery? You had better chances of getting struck 42 times by lightning! Well, actually there are much greater chances of being struck by the lightning. However, the dream of winning the jackpot is far better and lucrative than the fear of getting lightning struck.

But if the odds of winning the lottery really are one in a million, or 50 million, or hundreds of millions, then why are we even bothering to play? You can understand that every player in the lottery knows those odds.

And the odds are even less when you’re playing for the Dubai big ticket or Abu Dhabi lottery. But in both cases, the reward is worth risking your money for.

Playing the lottery can bring many, many benefits into your life. We will give you four somewhat interrelated reasons. The lottery games can give you some life lessons, plus millions of dollars for the little investment of Rs. 100.

Jackpot to win! 

Well, isn't that exactly what everyone wants? We’re going to start with the first and most important thing, the reason everyone is playing the lottery-hitting the jackpot. But if you play the lottery, only then can you achieve that goal.

How many times you saw the coverage of lottery players hitting the jackpot and thought to yourself: "Wow, that would have been me! If only I would buy a ticket!"

As people say: “No Play, No Gain!” We can't stress it enough! Hitting the jackpot can turn your life around by winning you hundreds of millions of dollars. And it can turn around not only yours but everyone else in your surroundings as well. This is especially true when you win a Dubai big ticket.

Never lose your hope 

Another explanation or more like a life lesson that teaches you to never lose hope while playing the lottery. Contrary to many theories, people who participate in those games are full of hope, not lacking hope. Just think about it! Why would anyone even bother buying a ticket if they did not hop for the best? The odds of winning the jackpot are little to nothing as we've already mentioned.

That never stopped people from playing the lottery, though. What drives you or anyone else to buy the ticket is hope, the hope for a better future. This ticket can give you the golden door key. Needless to say, taking part in the lottery gives you absolutely no guarantees that you will even win a penny.

But even, can you think of a particular legal way that gives you the chance to earn millions in return for a few dollars? Yes, the Abu Dhabi lottery is that way.

The Reward for Persistence 

The numbers start to show up on the screen, one by one, and it's not you! Once again the same happens! Like other areas of life, it's where you have to take risks; either you lose, or you win. And just like other life spheres where you need to take risks, you need to be persistent. That's the only way to boost your chances.

Although when playing the lottery everyone shoots for the stars, do not forget that there are many cash prizes besides the jackpot as well.

Life View-Daydreaming 

And the last reason, and my personal favorite, I want to point out is the daydreaming. From the very first moment you 're putting down your Rs.100, you can't help but start imagining a better future and how you're going to fix all your problems, how you're going to live a stress-free life forever and most importantly-how you, your family and friends are going to be happy ... forever.

Those hundred bucks don't buy the winning ticket required. It also buys happiness. They are dollars are equivalent to an idealistic view of life. There's a question you must ask yourself during your daydream of winning the jackpot. And, no, it's not what you're supposed to buy first or how your life will change, because if you win the lottery it will change.

We believe that these reasons are worth spending a few hundred rupees for. Because once you win, you never have to worry about your future.