Egyptian Digital artist Mohamed Abdel-Hay, who is 24 years old, gets an international certificate for his continuous creativity in taking photos in Egypt and combining them with some designs, in addition to taking photos of some natural phenomena that occurred in Egypt in the past years, we found In the past days, people talk about Mohamed Abdel-Hay that he is making from time to time an announcement that he is fully prepared to Edit and retouch the photos for anyone without a fee so we sent him some pictures on Instagram at his account “Mohamedabdelhay96” to see what he can make for us and he modified them without any charge.

And we have sent some questions to Mohamed Abdelhay on his Instagram account and Mohamed Abdelhay was cooperating with us in answering the questions and this is some of the questions (what is your dream behind design and photography?, Why do you do this without the slightest return, and what is the ideal image and Perfect design from the point of view)

The Egyptian digital artist Mohamed Abdel-Hay “Photographer and Graphic designer” said that his dream extends to the sky to become one of the most important digital artists in the world if not the best at this stage of time and that any certificate he will receive is a tribute to the country of Egypt and his peers in Egypt Those who encouraged him to continue taking pictures and merging them to reach the international professionalism.

Mohamed Abdelhay also stressed that he does this without any money and for free in order to draw laughter and joy in the face of others by modifying their photos and restoring the past photos to the present and that he does not seek any exchange for money but rather he does this to exercise his talent because he loves to design and Photography.

Mohamed AbdelHay stressed that the ideal image cannot be reached, as there is no ideal image from his point of view, especially that estimating things differ from one person to another according to his way of thinking, narrating and convincing him of things, appealing to photograph things or subjects to be photographed on their nature without the need to take care of their external appearance or Change its colors while trying to experiment with all the features of the camera with different pictures and places.

Mohamed AbdelHay indicated that the potential energy of memories and stories anywhere that inflames the feelings of the Photographer and explodes the energies of creativity and genius, to come out with a pulsating image, the surrounding environment and the extent of the photographer's communication with it certainly means pictures that compel the recipient to stand with it for a longer time.