Dell is a world-renowned American multinational corporation that has been producing personal computers, servers, laptops but also peripherals, printers, smartphones, and televisions since 1984.

UAE  Technician, a company specializing in direct sales and IT support for companies and individuals, offers a dedicated assistance service for Dell servers in Brescia. With professionalism, competence and operational speed, UAE  Technicians are able to intervene, effectively identifying and solving the problem. Not only that: the company also offers a wide range of authentic spare parts for Dell servers, from memories to ram modules, from power supplies to CPUs, finding them quickly.

Based on specific needs, the company's specialists go directly to the customer's site, carrying out the necessary repairs on Dell servers here. Alternatively, they take care of complete restoration within the company laboratory.

Dell server assistance in Dubai: UAE Technician  services

UAE technician specialized technicians are at your complete disposal to intervene with a dedicated assistance service on Dell servers, solving the most varied problems related to the correct functioning of the IT system.

In particular, UAE technician specialists deal with:

  • Offer support for Dell servers running Linux

  • Configure the corporate server

  • Repair servers with hardware problems

  • Create cyclical backup copies

  • Manage virtualization of the physical server

  • Configure corporate email on the Dell server

  • Ensure prompt assistance in case of server startup problems

The full and professional Dell server support service extended by UAE technicians also includes IT security support and assistance.

Are you looking for a company specialized in maintenance, support, and assistance on Dell servers? Trust the experience and expertise of UAE technicians.