In India, jewellery is considered more than just a decorative accessory. It has been tied to traditional, rituals, customs and rich heritage of the Indians. We acquire our love for jewellery from our ancestors who have always fancied the enormous and weighted heirloom jewels. Think of your mom’s wedding necklace that was given to her by your grandmother. Yes, our love for giant piece comes from there but minimalism is taking over the jewellery scene in India.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you should look out for the best Valentine’s gifts for wife or girlfriend. We suggest you start with jewellery as Valentine’s day gift for her because no woman has ever said no to a piece of jewellery. But before you go shopping, find out what kind of jewellery she’s into. She could be a statement jewels lover or a fan of the minimalistic styles. Like us. If she’s head-over-heels in love with minimal jewellery, here are our top Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend or wife that will sweep her off her feet.

Abstract front-open choker

We love a unique choker style too much. The simple addition of a minimal front-open choker like this one can be styled with off-shoulder dresses, turtle neck sweaters and even button-down shirts. This silver-tone choker has the most aesthetically appealing design and look.

Gold half moon earrings

Accents of pearl are a great way to enhance your minimalist jewellery. This gold pair of half-moon earrings with heart embellishment makes for a fine minimalist accessory for everyday use.

Butterfly charm choker

Minimal accessories do not have to be boring. You can very well make use of a bit fun elements like the butterflies, flowers and clouds to make your minimal jewellery all the more interesting. This gold-toned choker can be a great choice for your girl this Valentine’s Day.

Starfish necklace

Delicate gold necklaces are a must-have for your minimalistic style lover girl. If not a beach holiday, surprise her with a stunning starfish pendant gold necklace for a fun-filled Valentine’s Night.

Geometric shape rings

Minimal style is incomplete without some geometric shapes here and there. These beautiful minimal rings with unique shapes have to be our top favourites this season. We love the addition of stackable minimal rings to accessorize your beautiful hands.

Turquoise Dot Necklace

Gold necklaces can be great gifting options for Valentine’s Day. The turquoise pendant in round-shape makes for an interesting visual element amidst all that gold. This necklace has all the qualities to impress her this Valentine’s Day jewelry sale.

Gold face outline earrings

The face outline earrings are a rage even today. They were first spotted on celebrities in early2018 but even today they continue to fascinate minimal style lovers. You can surprise her with a pair of face earrings like these made out of 18K gold.  

Moon-star rose gold ring

The silver open moon-star ring makes for a feisty addition to her your darling’s jewellery closet. Rose gold is the flavour of the season, she would enjoy wearing their celestial world around her finger.

Amethyst stone drop earrings

A pair of silver earrings embellished with amethyst stone is not only beautiful but also quite special. Gemstone jewellery is a great way to tell her that you remember tiny details like her Zodiac sign that matches with the stone.

With Bollywood celebrities rocking these minimal baubles to the red carpets, movie premieres and casual date nights – These have caught the fancy of our regular crowd too. The fashion bloggers and who’s who of the fashion world swear by the minimal style jewellery that is here to stay. Besides, these accessories are never ‘too bold’ or ‘over-flashy’ for daily wear. This means you rock all the above-listed pieces to work and even a party. It is all about how you put together an effective look.