Throwback to The Year of 2006.

A first-year IT student trudged down the busy platform to get past the crowd waiting to avail the 8 am Sealdah Local. Somewhat tired and a bit weary inside, she chose to put up a brave face instead. Adjusting her glasses for one last time, she could see the train at a distance. It was time; time to get started on a new journey that would lead to her dreams. But then nothing in life comes easy. It was about time she would realize it.

‘I could now sense the “morning club” office crowd getting denser than before as the train approached the station. Some part of me started to feel the sweat by now. I shivered as the crowd began to hustle and the trail of compartments flashed right in front of me. But wait! I cannot step back now. For a reason that it might make me step onto someone’s fancy heels as it was power-packed by then. But the strongest of all reasons being – this is not yet time to lay my guards down. I made up my mind in that few microseconds before the train came to a total halt. This was the opportunity to learn some impromptu Boxing skills. Somewhere I had read –“when life gives us lemons, why not make a lemonade!”. Now I realize I did make some good lemonades that year if not the best.

Nevertheless, in the long run, I learnt some great boxing. Everyone told me to stay back at home and give up my career for my good. But then the urge to continue “making lemonades” went on getting stronger and stronger than ever before. Nothing could stop me now. Certainly not the unwanted lemons gifted by my life.

My engineering dream was far-fetched or so was the distance I had to travel up and down daily from home to college. Grad school is no wonder one of the best memories in life. For me even to create one, I had to travel literally by train for one hour and a half followed by an auto journey and then a short walk. For my ailing health, this used to be less fun and more sort of a struggle.’



It was a week after she had returned from Mumbai. A tiresome long tough trip she had undertaken this time. For a short break finally, she could return home- just to get prepared for the next big fight which surely had no way of ending too soon.

‘Mumbai is the “City of Dreams”. Everyone wants to visit Mumbai at least once in life. Surprisingly enough even when I had planned for a short trip to Mumbai later on in life (just from a tourist perspective), I ended up being in Mumbai (for quite a long time) in a total bizarre fashion. Well, at least I can tell you 101 ways of how not so amazing the trip might get, especially when you visit MUMBAI for cancer treatment.'

*Galloping Sealdah local*

The hot and humid summer already started to take a toll on people. Amidst the various lively discussions ongoing in that ladies compartment, she looked around for any seats that might be vacant soon. To her disappointment, there weren't any. She stood firm.

‘In life if anything I have believed that is, we surely get better with every challenge thrown our way if only we don’t consider them to be the worst of all. That morning in between all those interesting daily banters of fellow passengers, I lost my way into my deep thoughts. Soon I was brought back to this lively conversation when a lady (seated right in front of me) wished to say something.
“Hey! Your hair looks amazing, beta! It's good that you opted for short hair.”
Only if i had the choice.
“Thanks, aunty.” With a sheepish grin on my face, I wished someone would give me a turn to sit instead.

Luck wasn't on my side that day. Yet I remained undeterred and made it to my college. My second semester was approaching and I had to continue my studies somehow despite the treatment.’

to be continued :)