Who is our best frnd? What does these words truly mean? Is it really necessary to have a best friend in life? Having just a friend won’t suffice?
To put it in grammatical terms the words “best friend” mean a friend who is the best for u. But how do we understand who is a friend? .Well, the definition changes as per our own requirements and situations, we say a friend today can turn a foe tomorrow so be careful. So whom do we trust then apart from ourselves? To put it in simple terms the one in front of whom we have the confidence of letting our weakness being spoken of, the failures we faced be shared with, and inspite of listening to all this who stays with us and shows us the way to a brighter future is the one whom we call our best friend. A friend is the one who supports us when we are right and makes us understand when we go the wrong way. He is one who plays a vital role after ones parents to shape our character. The ones who don’t have friends in life is because of the extreme rigidity to accept any change or accept any criticism in life. It’s always told  failure had no friends and success has plenty, but I  believe that to have a friend in life u need to be accepting rather than expecting. Having that one person apart from ur family with whom u can share everything really means a lot, because many times u fail to explain urself to family but easily to ur friends. Because u feel that having someone of almost same age and being taught in same environment will understand ur situation better.

But however u define friendship, one thing is always common, until and unless u become accepting u can’t change, and if u don’t change even if Lord krishna becomes ur friend after some point of time u will start finding faults, and will neither accept anything not change and thus not have a best friend in life.