Knee replacement, also known as knee arthroplasty, is most commonly done to repair joint damage that results from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. Here, the surgeon removes the damaged bone and cartilage from the knee and attaches metal implants at the ends of the calf and thigh bones. This relieves pain and disability. People who usually need this surgery may experience trouble standing because of mild or severe knee pain, walking straight, etc. 

Today, India's medical centres are known to provide the most effective surgical treatments in the world. One of these treatments includes knee replacement in India. Now let's talk about the few factors why you should choose India for this surgery:

Use Of The Latest Technology

Knee replacement surgery is performed in India with the latest technology and equipment. Bilateral knee replacement surgery is performed in India effectively with the utmost precision using the most advanced keyhole or endoscope. Moreover, the excellent infrastructure of the hospitals and research facilities is something to marvel at. The quality of treatment is one aspect which is not compromised here. 


The prime factor why people choose India for this surgery is the cost-effectiveness. According to reports, the expense incurred in theknee replacement in India is only a fraction of the cost that a person has to incur in countries such as the UK, USA, Singapore, and Canada. It is almost 60% less than in these countries. Moreover, there is no compromise in the quality of medical care in India.

The Success Rate Of This Surgery

The proper selection of patients who are eligible for this surgery, the expertise of the orthopaedic surgeon, etc. are necessary in determining the success rate. Indian knee-replacement surgeons hold a remarkable record of performing successful operations. The overwhelming success rate exceeds 95%. 

Availability Of Experts And Trained Paramedical Staff

Knee replacement in India is done by the best surgeons. These specialists have an experience of minimum 7-10 years, giving them an edge over others. Moreover, the paramedical staff forms the backbone of the organisation. They are highly trained and will make your journey smooth and efficient. 

Availability Of Jci Accredited Hospitals In India

In India, there are numerous hospitals, clinical laboratories, and primary care centres that are Joint Commission International-accredited. This ensured that these facilities had met the strict criteria regarding patient safety, staff qualifications and expertise, amenities provided, etc. this helps the patient put their full trust in an organisation. 

Everyone wishes to get the best and safest medical facility for their problems. For knee replacement surgery, India is one of the most efficient and affordable places. You can trust the medical staff and technology without any hesitation, especially considering evident success rate.