Dry skin can be quite a difficult challenge to deal with, and therefore you need a proper skin regimen to keep it looking flawless. You would be surprised to know that you will see a considerable improvement if you follow a consistent skincare routine with quality organic products.

We know the pain and uncomfortableness that you may feel when your skin starts to itch, crack, and gives a scaly appearance. And it is not just the face. Dry skin can happen anywhere.

Some of the most common causes of dry skin are genetics, excess washing, hard water, humidity, any medical condition, or even as simple as your environment. It is also possible that you may be using beauty products that are not suitable for your skin. Therefore, it is highly significant to cultivate a proper skincare routine using the correct natural skin care products.

People often tend to confuse dry skin with one that is dehydrated. Dry skin is due to the absence of natural oils. In contrast, dehydrated skin is due to trans-epidermal water loss.

Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Break the cycle of having flaky skin almost every other day by implementing the following steps:

Use A Hydrating Cleanser

It will help if you are sure that the products you choose are gentle to your skin. Choose a face wash with ingredients that can make your skin feel refreshed and clean. For example, Skinsation Naturally’s cucumber facial cleanser consists of unique moisturizing ingredients that leave your skin supple. When selecting a good face wash, look for components such as glycerin, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid. With the right skincare product, you will remove all the dirt and impurities from your skin.

Select A Hydrating Toner

Whenever you are done with your cleansing, using a toner can be beneficial since a cleanser can leave dry skin even drier. Toner will fulfill the required amount of hydration and balance your skin needs to stay healthy. A good toner will have ingredients such as chamomile, cucumber, or bamboo. You can even go for rosewater facial toner.

Don’t Skip Exfoliation

Exfoliation is suitable for every skin type as long as you know how much to do. You can do it once a week, reduce breakouts and make your complexion look fresh. 

You can go for a chemical exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells. Formulas that contain AHAs(alpha-hydroxy acids) are great for the skin as they do not strip the skin off the natural moisture. Some good examples of AHAs are Lactic acid, Mandelic acid, and Glycolic acid that are suitable for the Exfoliation of dry skin.

Apply A Hydrating Serum

Hydrating serums consist of ingredients that help your skin stay glowing and gorgeous. One popular ingredient is Hyaluronic acid and is quite effective when you apply it when there is too much humidity.

Your Eyes Need Care Too

With dry skin, it is common to have the area under your eye as dry. But you can quickly treat it by applying eye cream. Our schedules can be pretty strict, and we forget to pay attention to the most sensitive area of our face. But a good eye cream can significantly help in turning your tired eyes looking utterly fresh.

Moisturize Using A Face Cream

Moisturizer helps to retain the lost moisture of your dry skin. Especially after a shower, it is pretty beneficial to thoroughly apply one to seals your skin’s moisture. You can use a face cream such as Radiance Face Cream to protect your skin from unnecessary dryness and irritation. You can also use a humidifier to enjoy just the kind of moisture your skin needs to stay fresh. If you tend to spend too many hours work, you can even place one at your work desk.

Magic of Face Mask

An overnight face mask can also be a good option for maintaining the complexion of your skin. An overnight face mask will help keep the skin hydrated and heal it while you sleep.

You need to ensure that you stay away from products that have: ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, artificial fragrances, astringent and foaming cleansers.


If you are struggling to take care of your dry skin properly, it is time you realize the significance of following a proper skincare routine. It should contain quality skincare products. One of the best ways is to use organic products from Skinsation Naturally if you want to see some significant results. Apart from using products, be mindful of taking a healthy diet too.