Mahashivratri 2021: Together with this, Mahashivratri is regarded as a Major festival of Hindus.  This day is also known as the 'Great Night of Shiva'. 

Things that can we offer to Lord Shiva   

1.  In addition to this, by providing milk, the individual is always healthful and disease-free.  In accordance with Vishnupuran, throughout the agony of the sea, Shiva had ingested all of the poison in his throat, because of that his entire body began turning blue.  Then all of the gods anointed him and the effect of this toxin reduced .  

2.  Water- should you provide water over the Shivling whilst chanting 'Om Namah Shivaya', your head will be calm and you'll feel empathy.  It's thought that the dinosaurs had poured water on them to decrease the effects of toxin.  Since that time he's been beautified beneath the title of Neelkanth.

3.  Sugar- Sugar can also be provided on Shivling on Mahashivaratri.  It's helpful to provide sugar to Bhole Baba with this auspicious event.  

4.  Saffron- Tilak of Lord Shiva with reddish saffron attracts mildness in ends and life Manglik Dosha.  It's said that in the event that you do talk using saffron on your company files on Mahashivratri, then most of the hurdles will probably disappear and the company won't ever return.

5.  Perfume - Sprinkling cologne on Shivling is deemed auspicious.  By spraying cologne, our thoughts is processed and we're totally free of tamasic tendencies.  By sprinkling cologne on Bhole Baba, the devotees get goodwill plus they never detract from the path of reality.

6.  Yogurt- By providing curd into Shiva, a individual gets older and equilibrium in his life stems.  It's also considered that should Bhole Baba is provided yogurt often, then all of the barriers and problems of life are eliminated.

7.    Aside from that, provide ghee to Lord Shiva for accessing kids.  Using this method, the child's shout will surely be heard at the home.

8.  Chandan- Based on Ved Puranas, employing sandalwood into Mahakal gives an appealing kind to an individual and there's absolutely not any deficiency of honour, honour, and fame within his or her life.

9.  Honey- Honey signifies sweet.   Implementing honey into Shiva brings sweetness in trade and awakens the soul of benevolence from the center.

10.  Bhang - Lord Shiva and Bhang possess a very deep connection.  It's said that hemp has been also utilized to decrease the impact of toxin at the time of sea churning.  Within our Puranas, cannabis was regarded as a celestial medicine, because of that the treatment of skin ailments is possible.

Things that we cannot offer to Lord Shiva

Most of us adore Indian festivals, particularly the one which includes fasting.  As it's during fasting just we get to consume so many distinct sorts of delicacies.  So it's natural that we can not wait for a few of our favourite festival of this year Shivaratri. 

Shivaratri is a really popular Hindu festival and is renowned as the event of Lord Shiva's birthday. A good deal of items are provided to some shivling on this particular day such as bhaang, dhatura, milk, sandal, and ashes.   However, it's simply on Shivaratri, you shouldn't provide these items to Lord Shiva.

  • Tulsi is thought to be a carnation of Goddess Lakshmi and can be provided exclusively to Lord Vishnu.  Tulsi is not provided to Shivling.  

  • Bael leaves are Lord Shiva's favored and are provided to Shiva on each sacred occasion.  But while supplying Bael leaves, an Individual must make Sure the leaves are cut, ripped, or consumed by insects

  • It is thought that if milk or curd are stored in a bronze pot, it turns to wine.  Consequently, milk stored in bronze marijuana should not be provided to lord Shiva.  Consistently utilize aluminum pot to Provide milk or curd into Shivlinga

  • Though Shiva is fond of white blossoms, it's said that the blossoms Kewda and Champa are cursed by Lord Shiva and ought never to be provided to him through puja.

When supplying coconut to Shivling, be certain you don't provide coconut oil to Shivling.  This may sound strange to some, however, it's indeed not suggested to provide coconut water to Lord Shiva, particularly on Shivaratri.