Photography is an important part of every wedding. Surely you want to capture all romantic moments without forgetting anything. The wedding photography checklist gives you perfect wedding photographs and unforgettable moments of your wedding day.

I understand that you are not sure where you want to start your shoot. “Do you want to know how to start your shoot, here I will give you a wedding photo checklist”.

We put this useful wedding photography checklist to be a gift for your wedding day. This checklist can be divided into sections, such as “shots before the ceremony” , “Shots at the Reception” And “shots at the ceremony” , “shots after the ceremony”. Hope it helps you.

wedding photography shots

Before the Ceremony Checklist

Before the ceremony, every one packed with nerves as well as excitement. Before the ceremony shoot, you will treasure the best emotions and memorable moments.

         In this, before the ceremony shoot you get the best album with natural photographs like “bride & groom’s hair and makeup”, “the invitation cards and rings”, “the dress and wedding shoot(tux)”, “portraits with parents”. Don’t miss all these special moments:

The Invitation Cards

Grab some photographs of your wedding invitation card. These invitation card portraits give you endless happiness whenever you revise your wedding album.

Hair And Makeup Portraits

If you want to add some more funny photographs to your wedding album.  Must take photographs doing the hair and makeup. These makeup shots are just pretty cool, Make sure to include the bridesmaids as part.

The Bridal Dress And The Groom dress (Tux)

Take some photographs when the bride holding their dress and the groom wear a superb dress with Tux and tie. You must take photographs, the small things like “wearing shoes”, “your wedding dress on hanger”, “when your brothers assisting to wear”, “friends and family adjusting your dress”.


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Photographs With Parents

When we getting ready for a wedding, Too much emotion is happening with parents. You have a chance to share feelings with your mother and father. Capture your proud moments like “mother/daughter” and “father/daughter”.

Solo Photographs

The reason why you need to take solo photographs is, Everyone has their individual desires like the bride needs to take photographs with “their dress”, “their pets”, “with childrens”, “in front of mirror”. In the same way, the groom has dreams like “groom putting tie”, “groom shot with their motors”.

The Jewelry

jewelry is the most expensive thing in the total wedding budget. But we are wearing the jewelry at the ceremony only. My suggestion is to take as much as possible photographs, wearing jewelry before the wedding. This was the time to take a relaxed photoshoot with jewelry. You missing out this time never have a chance to get it back just think about it.

The Journey

This is the best time to take candid photographs, Here only you can get some beautiful photographs like, “you are sitting in the car”  and “you are on the way to the venue” and “while getting down from the car” and “walking towards the car” and “moving out from the home to reception”.

Bonus tip “try to make this shoot before the sunset to get the beautiful view and  natural portraits”

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wedding photography jewellary

During The Ceremony Checklist


During the ceremony is the most important part in the whole wedding day. In this ceremony you need to tell your photographer exactly what you want and what your timeline plan was at the ceremony.

In your wedding ceremony timeline may consider a lot of things like, “The venue Photographs”, “The arrival”, “The reaction”, “Promising each other (vows)”, “The rituals”.

The Venue Photographs

The venue photographs are all about, before the arrival of the crowd make some beautiful shots of the exterior and interior of the wedding venue. You never miss small things in the wedding album. Make sure these venue photographs also.

The Arrival Portraits

Make a plan to photograph when the bride and groom exit from the car and enter the venue, Along with parents and siblings and friends.

professional wedding photography venue

wedding photography arrival

The Reaction

Even when you have already done a first look at the time of engagement. This is the key time to capture the reactions of your first looks. Must tell you photographer at the time of first looks must zoom and capture the bride and the groom’s reactions. You never miss these reactions in your album.

Promising Each Other (vows)

The bride and bridegroom promise to start their new bonding at the time of the ceremony. That emotional shot is a priceless moment for the couple’s album.

The Rituals

Rituals and traditions are the key to make your wedding album unique. Inform your photographer what are the important cultural moments that will take during the ceremony. Whether it is Haldi Ceremony , Nischay Tamulam ,  Akshintalu or Talaṃbrālu ceremony, Sagan Ceremony

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wedding photography rituals

At The Wedding Reception Checklist


Wedding reception is the place to celebrate the ceremony of two people. And  it is the hospitality for those who are attending the wedding venue. The married couple receive in the form of family and friends and guests here.

This wedding reception also has some memorable moments and things to never forget about those things like “The entrance of your reception” and “The dancing moments” and “The entertainment shows” and “The guests” and “The cake cutting party”. You won’t miss all these things buddy.

The Entrance of Your Reception 

My suggestion is, Tell your photographer to photograph your expressions as well as your guests and family expressions. When you arrive at the entrance of reception. These photographs surprise you with all of your expressions, At the time when you were picking the photographs for your wedding album. 

The Dancing Moments

Another interesting one brings up with you is, You never miss the photograph of  your first dancing moment with your partner. And also dancing moments with your friends and family.Again I am reminding you never miss this beautiful and funny moment. 

The Guests

Whenever you look back at your photo album, these guest photographs will help you to find who are in the circle of your wedding.

wedding photography in entrance

wedding photography at dancing

The Entertainment Show

If you are arranging any entertainment shows like “Band” or “a DJ” or any fun entertainment shows. Grab those photographs for remembering your musical reception.

The Cake Cutting Party

When you are arranging the cake cutting party at the reception. You should tell your photographer before the arrangements. And then only he can prepare for the natural photographs.

No wedding album complete without these cake cutting photographs. So take an opportunity to capture you cake cutting moments. Don’t forget there are many stills during the cake cutting party.


Most of the money we are spending on flowers to decorate, Venue, Wedding car, Reception. My suggestion is to take photographs with flowers as much as possible. Make candid shots and poses with those flowers.

entertainment show

wedding entertainment

After The Ceremony Checklist


The perfect time to take family photos and wedding pictures after your ceremony right. Your photographer will definitely rely on your shot-list here, so make sure you customize one to suit your particular family situation and the specific combinations you need.

The Newlyweds

Use these photos to capture the couples personality. Mix it up with these combinations as well: Newlyweds with bride’s family, Newlyweds with groom’s family, Newlyweds with bride’s siblings, Newlyweds with the groom’s siblings, Newlyweds with both sets of parents, Newlyweds with the groom’s friends, Newlyweds with bride’s friends.

The Families

Without this classic click of your family, your wedding album would be incomplete.  You should make sure to Include every pairing you can imagine: bride/groom with their parents, bride/groom with grandparents, bride/groom with the entire family and friends, etc. Also, must take small group photos after the wedding with your parents and in-laws.

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The Wedding Car

Some of the best wedding photos include classic car shots: snapshots of the exterior and interior, photos of the bride and groom in the back seat, and close-ups of decorations.

Fathers First Look

The moment the groom sees the bride is a must-have classic shot, but the father-daughter first look steals people’s hearts. Make sure the plan that captures this first look helps set up a priceless photo.

Your vidaii and teary moments with your family are definitely not to be missed. They are sure to create emotional memories of all the good times they spent together.

wedding photography car

wedding photography father look