The release of On-Demand Apps like Gojek in helping users with routine jobs has made our lives easier. Now, there is no need to go out to meet our day-to-day chores like buying food, groceries, medicines, getting salon treatments, and a lot more. Instead, we just need a few taps on the Gojek like the app to get our stuff delivered to our home anywhere we want. It helps save our time, money and keeps us safe from this deadly virus.

This blog post will discuss launching Gojek Clone App with new features that allow you to stand out from the rest. 

One App – 70+ On-Demand Multiservices

You will be surprised to see how robust this New Gojek Clone App 2022 is. The application seamlessly accommodates 70+ services under one roof. 

From taxi booking to grocery delivery to medicines to getting salon appointments it has it all. 

Gojek is a multi-service application that allows businesses in Southeast Asian nations such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines to provide ride-hailing, delivery, and other on-demand services. 

The Super App aims to connect the rider with the service providers. Entrepreneurs and businesses can offer on-demand multiple services through a single application using this kingx 2022 Gojek Clone Script solution.

One Login Takes To Seamless Browsing Wide Range Of Services

Our professionals have combined their years of knowledge to create a multi-service application that is simple to explore and utilize. The Gojek clone app requires an initial login after which the user can choose any service from the available icons. The user has the option of logging in using his social network accounts, such as Facebook or Gmail, or registering with his or her email addresses and phone numbers.

Two Prominent Features Of Gojek Clone App 2022

Service Bid Feature

Gojek Clone 2022 has a new feature called Service Bid. The functionality allows the user to publish service-related criteria and receive a match based on those requirements. The service providers in that area will bid for the job, and the user will make an informed selection and conclude the deal based on their previous work, best prices, reviews, and feedback.

Online Video Consultation 

This is yet another major element, designed with "Social Distancing" in mind. Users can utilise this tool to schedule an online video session with their preferred service provider without having to leave the house. They can get the help they need, whether it's from a doctor, a fitness instructor, tutors, astrologers, or something else. With Gojek Clone App 2022, it's now simple to get your question answered in a few taps by connecting it with verified service providers who offer online video consultation.

Why Choose us As Your App Development Partner?

Are you looking to venture into an On-Demand Industry? Hold that thought. You have come to the right place.

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The team handles the complete white labeling process for your Gojek Clone App. This includes adding your logo and business name to the app. Additionally, the app comes integrated with the local currencies and languages so you can launch the app anywhere across the globe.

The company maintains a rigorous non-disclosure policy in place. They do not expose your work with others or share ideas with other clients. Moreover, the team doesn’t use the client’s name and logo in their portfolio.

The team ensures that the app is installed on Google Play and iTunes, ensuring that your app is not rejected by app stores due to technical issues. 

Post-sales, the representative will be available if you have any additional concerns. Gojek Clone is the right choice for you because we provide the Super App integrated with the new features, bug support, and technical support depending on the plan package you have chosen.