Are you looking for any type of bodywork or vehicle repair for your car? Then we welcome you to the world of all solutions of your problems related to car services at Fenham Garage Services. Located at the centre of Fenham, we present ourselves as the best-in-class providers in bodywork services and any type of mechanical servicing and repairs. 

Car body repair 

The vehicle is a mobile property of individuals and requires work depending on the situation. The outer body is the aesthetics of any car. Chipping, denting or damage to the beauty of the car should be addressed at the earliest. Sudden circumstances such as accidents or collisions may damage the car, not only from inside but also from outside. Damages to the outer body of any automobile require repair. Any individual comes in the anxiety stage when the outer looks of its car are ruined. Restoration is necessary to get back the outlook of a car’s body. Bodywork is performed in particular ways such that it’s hard to recognize dents over the body or scratch /chipped portion of paint of the car. 

Car bodywork addresses all the restoration works to bring the car to its best possible state in terms of its looks. We, at Fenham Garage Services, offer services like dent repair, scratch removal, alloy wheels, accidental repairs, and so on. 

Popular Techniques

Exterior damage to a car’s body requires bodywork whereas interior damage to a car wants mechanical repairing and servicing. For Car Bodywork Newcastle Upon Tyne, there are numerous options available. These are dependent on the condition of the car. Techniques like SMART Repair, Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), Body Frame Straightening, Buffing, etc. are available at Fenham Garage. 

Paintless Dent Repair technique:

A dent formed due to collision with other cars or any hard surface like a wall generally damages curved or angular parts of a car’s body. Technicians will vanish this dent through the Paintless Dent Repair technique. No one can identify or locate such dent on your car’s body. In this, the metal body passes through processes like pressing, kneading or rubbing down with gentle massage. 

Smart Repair technique:

In the Smart Repair technique, chipped or scratched paint of the body can be restored. Premium branded cars have shiny and new paint over its body and small scratches will look awful on it. To solve this problem of body paint, Smart Repair is performed in which only affected areas are sprayed with paint accurately. 

Body Frame Straightening:

Body Frame Straightening technique is applied in conditions when the longitudinal or lateral damage to the body frame of a car needs restoration. At Fenham, we conduct this task through a specialized computer-based technology to get back the original body frame shape.


Accidental restoration, bumper or any plastic damage or refurbishment of alloy wheels, all works can be performed at Fenham Garage Services at cheap and affordable rates with expert advice and sale of tyres for your car. Don’t hesitate in bringing your cars to our customer-friendly service centre, today!

You can also visit us and get your car ready for its Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne.