A well-planned event can promote your company culture, a product and also show appreciation to your clients and business partners. If the event planning is done right, it can be a truly magnificent experience for both the organizers and attendees. But, event planning and the event management co hand in hand if you want to have a successful event. Moreover, when you plan and execute the entire event with your guests in mind, you will bring life to something that is usually considered boring and unimaginative.

Make a plan

Before you start the entire planning process, sit down with stakeholders in your company, people you need and trust and think about the main purpose of the event. What is it you wish to achieve with this event? Next, how much are you willing to invest to achieve such a goal? In order to do all of this, you’ll need to outline a budget and brainstorm the ideas and goals for your event. 

Be creative with the choice of venue

One of the reasons people find an event boring because the venue is repetitive and boring. If you’re throwing a party for your employees, they don’t want to go to the same place over and over again. The same goes for your clients and business partners - they want to experience something new. If you give them something new, they will always connect this experience to your event and your company. So, be creative with the choice of venue and achieve the wow effect. If the venue is pretty much unconventional, make sure to inform every attendee in advance so they will know how to dress properly or prepare in advance.

Be specific with your guest list

If you invite someone who obviously doesn’t belong there, he or she will be bored out of their mind. In other words, you need to group like-minded people, those who will share the same interests and find value in attending your event. Depending on the venue, select the number of attendees. It’s a recipe for disaster if the room is too crowded or too empty. When you send out the invites, make sure to remind everyone to RSVP. A few days before the event, let someone from your event team call them and confirm their attendance.

A menu to suit every taste

A corporate event, seminar, conference or any other format is like any other event and it is a disaster without a proper variety of food. In order to make everyone happy and engaged, you need to offer a variety of choices including meals for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free options and something sweet and tasty. 

The buffet table is the best option because people can come up to the table, pick whatever they like and transport it to their seat or table. Make sure to offer a variety of beverages as well, depending on the type of event. If it’s a party, then you should have both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. If it’s a conference, coffee, water and juices should be available to your attendees at all times.

Make sure the event runs smoothly

Event planning should never be a one-man show because there are so many aspects to it to leave it for one person to handle on their own. You can create an event team within your company and delegate a task to each one of them. But, if the entire process is too complicated and time-consuming, you can turn to a professional planner.  Probably the best way to make sure that an event is running smoothly is to outsource the entire event management process. There are many things to coordinate during an event from the number of attendees, venue catering to other technical requirements. Since event management is not a job for your personal assistant, outsourcing it to Veritas Events will be one of the reasons your corporate event is a success. Skilled professionals always have a backup plan and the experience to solve any bump along the way.

Focus on getting people to interact

Now, this is the key to throwing an event people will talk about. Your goal is to have your attendees interacting with each other during the event. First of all, you want to see them communicating and networking. So, offer something like a lounge area or a seating area where people can gather around and discuss the presentations or lectures. Offer a photo booth or a social media wall to spark conversation among attendees or use a specific hashtag when they post their photos online. This will also promote your event on social media and give you some publicity. You can even host a live pub-style trivia and broadcast questions and the correct answers on a big screen. Everyone can participate by using an app on their phones and maybe even discuss the questions in person.

Final thought

There are ways to spice a boring corporate event with a bit of creativity and a lot of planning. But above all, your main goal should be to make everyone comfortable and happy to be there.