An overview of what happens when American Airlines make changes flight schedule

American Airlines is one of those airlines that is known for offering scheduled services to various locations at an affordable fare. Moreover, to help out the passengers in uncertain situations, the airline offers flight change as per which one can make changes to their travel plans. 

However, what happens in situations when the airline makes changes in the schedule for American Airlines reservations? So, to help out the passenger with this query, here are the details regarding the changes in the flight change policy of the airline. 

American Airlines updates in the flight change policy 

As per the new guidelines, the below-mentioned conditions will apply to the American Airlines reservations that are booked after 8th April 2020. And this policy will not impact the reservations that are booked before this period. 

  • As mentioned in the new policy, the airline will only offer refunds when the flight change results in an overall delay of 4 hours. 
  • Further, when the non-stop flight itinerary of the passenger converts into an itinerary with a connection flight. 
  • However, if the flight schedule change is less than four hours, then the passenger can easily rebook their flight ticket incurring additional fees. 
  • Also, the passenger can rebook and cancel their flight later by retaining the full value of the itinerary. 
  • Besides, in the case of irregular operations within 72 hours of the departure, the airline will offer a refund against the non-refundable reservations, if the flight is delayed for more than 90 minutes. 

Besides, if the passenger has queries regarding the new policy, they can feel free to contact the reservation department of the airline to seek assistance.