EOT cranes are used extensively in almost all industrial manufacturing units. The EOT crane installations are both cost and labor intense. You need to ensure that it is handled correctly or else, you are going to run into series of maintenance issues. Here are some of the most crucial factors to remember when you are installing your double or single girder underslung crane

Depending on the type of crane that is being installed, the support structure requirements will vary. Before you make any arrangements in this regard, you need to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the requirements and erect the necessary support structure. The best way to go about it is to discuss the accurate support structure requirements with your crane manufacturing company. Only your crane manufacturing company could give you the exact specifications for the installation of the required support structure and the type of support structure required for the installation of your crane. This is not something that you would want to go by presumptions. 

Ensure that you are providing the required reinforcement for your support structure so that it could withstand the weight of the equipment when it is loaded at its fullest capacity. If adequate reinforcement is not given to the support structure, then while operating the crane you could run into fatal accidents. 

Adequate planning is vital here because your support structure and the reinforcement mechanisms should be kept ready well in advance. In case you are erecting a concrete support structure, it would need time for curing. You will not be able to load the structure with any load before it sets fully and before it goes through the complete curing cycle. You need to therefore make certain that the entire sequence of actions is carefully planned and executed. Without adequate planning you may not have the required structure in place and in the last minute you would be forced to use the support structure before the concrete fully sets. This could result in damages to the support structure and the reinforcement mechanism. These are no small mistakes because oversights here will damage your EOT cranes and you will also put property and people at risk. 

If you select the most experienced company, they will first inspect the worksite and all the support structures before they proceed to install their cranes. Only when they are 100% sure the strength of the support structure they will proceed with the installation. As it would affect their reputation in case of any damage or issues, they will not rush to install and it is your responsibility to make all the required arrangements in a timely fashion so that there are no delays in the installation of the cranes. 

All the safety guidelines should be adhered to 100% when you want to install the cranes. Even the slightest oversight could lead to expensive accidents and maintenance issues. No one likes to experience such issues and so you should tread very cautiously while installing your cranes.