Well, if you are a Verizon customer, then you must be using its legacy email service. They provide an email service for a long time but now they have partnered with Yahoo to provide their services. 

If you are not a regular user of Verizon email and don’t follow the news at all, then you may not know the procedure to access the Verizon email from Yahoo. 

Well, for email login, now you have to shift to Yahoo's official website. We will help you with that and allow you to log in to your account without facing any trouble. 

How to Login to Verizon Email Net

Just follow the steps we will list here to log in to your Verizon email through Yahoo. It is pretty straightforward and you shouldn’t face any issues. 

  • Just open a web browser and then enter in the URL bar and hit enter. 

  • Now, you will see a login page for Verizon mail through the Yahoo domain. 

  • Here, you will need to enter the username in the correct field and then the password in the next. 

  • After that, just click on the Sign In button to access your Verizon email account

  • You can also check the ‘Keep me signed in’ checkbox to stay signed in on the browser you are currently using. 

So, this way you can access the Verizon email from the Yahoo domain or mail. However, if you face any issues with it, then you may need to consult the support staff from Yahoo of Verizon. 

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