A recent trend I have noticed has been an increase in the number of adverts appearing on blogs, articles and forums. Often these appear simply to "stagger" the length of time article creation takes. This is a worrying trend. Advertorials are generally considered to be the mainstream method of promoting your business, and many people feel that it takes too long to get a good result and too much effort to produce worthwhile results. I would like to offer a few pointers to assist in the process of article creation and article marketing to aid those that may be considering an advertorial but are unsure of how to go about it.

Advertorials are usually purchased through the print and electronic media outlets as either an unpaid position in an established print or online magazine. Generally an advertorial is unpaid and requires a publication to vet and deem of sufficient interest and usefulness to be worthy of publication. The production time for an advertorial varies greatly. Some publications will take as little as one day to create an advertorial whereas it may take weeks or months to complete an in-depth editorial article. It is therefore important that you find a reputable media outlet for your advertorial and ensure that they can meet your deadlines.

The most important part of choosing a reputable media outlet is due diligence. You need to ensure that they are a genuine publication with a sound reputation for factual reporting and fair editing. If you are unable to verify this, look to move on to another prospective media outlet. You also want to choose a publication which has a legal disclaimers policy. Many sites such as Associated Content require legal disclaimers to sign their articles and this should be done by the editor in chief or by someone in the editorial team. Any reputable media outlet will make this a requirement before approving your article.

It is not enough to create an article, place it on the web, and hope that people will find it interesting. A prospective client or reader needs to know that what you are writing is fact-based and that you stand by your article. Many internet users do not have a capacity for critical thinking and will simply accept that an article is based on fact and is therefore 'true'. In order to avoid being penalized for publishing false information, you must ensure that the information you are providing is both accurate and current. Only publish information that is certified true and backed up by sources that can back it up.

There is nothing inherently wrong with creating an ad that draws attention to your products and services. The key is in how you advertise. Consider using a highly creative and appealing headline. Keep your language simple and make use of personal pronouns when appropriate. Advertise only in places where it will be noticed, for instance in the side bar of websites or in blogs.

When you have completed your writing and have made every possible attempt to ensure your ad is unique, it is now time to look for an ideal Advertorial location. Your first consideration should be your company website. This is the best place to position your ad, since it has the greatest potential to attract a number of viewers. Make sure your headline and copy relate well to the nature of the website, i.e. if it is focused on medical transcription, then it would be pointless to advertise in a cooking site.

It is equally important to consider where your potential readers will find you. If your target audience is in the field of education, then there are many article directories that allow you to post articles and classified ads. Another popular venue for advertising is in blogs. Search engines like Google use 'posts' and 'link backs' to track the popularity of blog posts.

By writing your own original content, the task of finding the perfect Advertorial location is made even more difficult. Instead, you should spend the extra time required to find other sites that will fit your needs exactly. Look for blogs, forums and user groups that fit your target demographic and content, and place your advertisement there. If you are a busy person and who can’t do all these things by yourself then you can use a new ecommerce shop which offers cheap advertising and marketing solution for your business.