Here are some little ones to make the perfect business card, to make a good impression with all your customers and contacts.

The business card, if done correctly, can really allow you to increase a business out of all proportion. Yes, because it is a sort of professional identity card of an entrepreneur or a freelancer and it is for this reason that it must be done with care and with due intelligence.

There are those who want to go to a print shop and those who trust those who deal with the creation of online business cards. What is certain is that every business card must have very specific characteristics in order to really be able to hit the heart of the user. Here are the main ones.

Write everything in a legible way

A good business card must be written legibly in order to be functional. Start by choosing the right font, which should not be too common but not too thoughtful, and proceed with writing and printing all your data. You will need to enter your name and surname, the telephone number, the physical address of your studio or company, the email address and, if possible, your website as well. If you don't have it, you can also replace it with your LinkedIn profile address.

What material to choose?

We assume that business cards are often stored in the wallet or inside pockets, so they are often subject to tearing or folding. to avoid this, choose a paper that is as resistant as possible, perhaps glossy coated. The film on the paper will act as a filter and will help your business card to remain intact and not subject to tearing or ruffling.

Insert images yes or no?

It would be good not to overload your business card with unsolicited images and additional data. The reason? The business card has an often very small size, so inserting unnecessary data or numbers means sacrificing a space that could be used in a different way. Better therefore to print your business card cleanly, without too many frills, in order to appear as serious and professional as possible.

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Be original

If it is true that a business card must be as clear and legible as possible, it is equally true that originality can often become a determining factor for the success of an advertising product. For a whimsical business card that has never been seen before, try choosing attractive graphics as regards aesthetics, or the shape or size that best reflects you. In short, do not be afraid to dare: what pushes a user to contact a professional is not only his professionalism but also the way he has to differentiate himself from others even in small things.

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