Land developers, owners of commercial properties and tenants are provided legal services by commercial property lawyers in UK. The key is to find an experienced and reliable law firm which includes commercial property matters in its suite of legal services. Legal advice and assistance are provided for sale and purchase of investment properties, offices, factories, shops, farmhouses, etc. Leases and tenancies are also drafted after proper negotiations on behalf of the clients. Disputes concerning commercial properties are also taken up by the commercial property lawyers.

Some major services that a good law firm provides with respect to commercial properties have been discussed here.

Commercial Property Leases

A legal firm dealing in commercial properties offers legal services to both landlords and tenants to let or rent commercial properties. Letting and renting commercial properties involve some complex legal steps which are managed by the lawyers. Assistance is provided to negotiate leases between tenants and landlords. Proper advice is given regarding the terms of lease as per the interests of the landlord or tenant. Once the terms are agreed upon, the lease is drafted in a proper legal form by the lawyer. Services are also provided for lease renewal, licence to alter or under let, stamp duty, break clauses, etc.

Commercial Property Investments

Legal services are offered to commercial property developers and investors. Irrespective of the amount of investment, best legal advice and assistance are offered to property investors. Apart from seasoned investors looking to invest in multiple properties, a good legal firm also provides assistance to newbie investors looking to invest in small properties. The aim is to get the best deals for the clients and prevent bad investments.

Commercial Property Development

The commercial property lawyers of a legal firm help commercial property developers in understanding and complying with the laws governing commercial property development in UK. Comprehensive assistance is provided to satisfy the legal requirements of developing factories and industrial units, office buildings, retail units, hotels and other commercial properties.

Commercial Property Finance

Advice and assistance to get finance for purchasing, developing or expanding commercial properties are provided by the legal firm. The solicitors help in picking the best finance option and also assist in completing the process.