When your partner gives you the engagement ring, it means that you have agreed to his proposal, and then you can start planning the wedding. Planning a wedding is not easy. Many issues are often considered during the planning process. It may disturb you and even affect the wedding process. The following are some wedding etiquette tips for reference.

1. Can I take a break first?

A short break between the wedding and reception may be helpful because you can take a formal photo and catch up with the cocktail time. However, if a short break means a few hours, your guests may be doing nothing. Keep the rest time within an hour. Or consider extending the cocktail time so that guests can mix together during the break. With this extra activity, you will also enjoy it.

2. What if I am not used to wearing clothes?

Wedding dress has become a tradition, but this does not mean that you must wear it. The designer also noticed that not only off-the-shoulder lace evening dresses, but also elegant pants and jumpsuits can be found in local wedding salons and online. You can even customize and design your own.

3. We are two grooms, can we wear white clothes?

No bride does not mean you cannot wear white clothes. The wedding dress is a personal decision, so you can go to the clothing store to design your own wedding dress.

4. In same-sex marriage, are they on the same side of the aisle?

Today's couples, whether heterosexual or gay, want to bring their groups together, which means letting them sit down at will. Of course, no matter what you decide to do, you must use signs to communicate with guests.

For men, choosing a men's tungsten wedding ring is a good choice. It is hypoallergenic, hard to be scratched, and full of masculinity, which is very popular among men.