Zimbra is a well-known application providing services as an email server and web email client. On the other hand, Office 365 is also a well-known application which is based on the cloud, but because of its features and working ability, it is more famous amongst users. To use these features you need to migrate Zimbra data into Office 365 account, there are many reasons for which users want to know how to migrate Zimbra to Office 365 application. There is no existence of comparison between the Zimbra and Office 365 both are the best applications for all users to manage emails. But Office 365 provides the widest range of services to its users. It can be utilized from anywhere and from most of the devices. The MS Office application also provides access to their users like MS Word, MS Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and other various apps.

Steps to Save Data from Zimbra Account on Desktop

#1. First, open your Zimbra account and then click on the Preference option which allows you to select the Import/Export option through which you can easily get access to the window which contains two sections Import section and Export section.

#2. Now, you have to use the Export section which allows you to select that data which you want to store on your computer system. It provides options like Mail files, Tasks, Address Book, and other types of Zimbra data.

#3. By click on the Export tab, you will be able to choose the path of your computer system where you want to save your selected data. Now, the Zimbra application will start the process of data saving.

After the completion of the process, you can find all data on your computer system on that path which is selected. The data is in the Zip folder which can be extracted or can be processed through the help of the Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool.

Procedure to Know How to Migrate Zimbra to Office 365 Application

Step 1. Download and install the Zimbra to Office 365 Migration tool on the desktop and then open the software.

Step 2. Now, from the first window of the software, you need to click on the Select Files option which appears on the top menu bar. This section of the software will help you to choose the Zimbra TGZ files or select the folder which contains the batch TGZ files. Through teh help of this section, you can also select that created Zip folder.

Step 3. Then the software will allow you to check the data and view all selected files in the Preview section. After that, the software will allow you to select the Export Type that is Office 365.

Step 4. Enter all required details of your Office 365 account and then press the Export tab to start the migration process.

Through these simple steps, you can easily understand how to migrate Zimbra to Office 365 application without any data loss issues. This tool can maintain the properties of all files so that every user can easily view all migrated data without any technical help. Both professionals and non-professionals can work on this tool as it contains options with a simple graphical user interface.


Through this discussion, it is now easier for all users to know the answer for the query that is how to migrate Zimbra to Office 365 application by following some easy steps. I suggest you try this software through the utilization of the demo edition of the software. This edition can be downloaded for free and can perform this process with the first 20 TGZ files from every selected folder.

Move Zimbra TGZ Data into Outlook PST

If you are searching for the tool through which you can save your Zimbra TGZ files into MS Outlook based PST file format then you can use the Zimbra to PST Converter tool. This tool has the ability to transfer the complete database into Outlook PST file format along with all attachments and other details of TGZ files. This can process unlimited Zimbra TGZ data through a single way of the conversion process.